Overwatch developer update teases new hero and more

Jeff Kaplan announces the changes in summer schedule and more.

Overwatch's Icon Sascha Heinisch · 11 Jul 2019


Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Long have we waited. The Overwatch team has put out a short developer update with topics ranging from the summer schedule to the introduction of an improved anti-cheat feature. Let’s take a look at what Jeff Kaplan had in store for us.


Summer games sooner

According to Jeff, the Overwatch summer schedule that we’ve gotten used to over the years will shake out differently this time around. The reoccurring event “Summer games” usually started either in the first or the second week of August. Jeff promises the event to happen much sooner and it should likely go live in the next couple of weeks. During the three weeks that the event will be live, you’ll be able to play mini-challenges in order to get a different Epic skin each week.

Hero 31

Normally we would be expecting the first teases of the new hero around this time in the Overwatch calender. Acknowledging this, Jeff assures us that the slight delay “will be worth the wait”. One detail that he did share was that the character is male. 

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Quality of life updates, Subtitle introduction

Subtitles have been recently introduced to Overwatch, helping not only those people who are hearing impaired but also those people in the community who simply like to read captions.

Improved cheat detection

Already tested on the PTR, cheat detection finds its way to live servers. Jeff promises improved cheat detection and also the introduction of a feature that instantly shuts down a game after a cheater has been detected in it. According to Jeff, nobody but the cheater will be penalized for the match shutdown in terms of the loss of SR or otherwise. The head of the development team, however, did promise harsh punishments for the cheater.

More developer updates soon

While the developer update itself was an unusually short one, Jeff assures us that there will be more developer updates soon.

While the developer update didn’t announce any big changes coming to the game, it did ring like an announcement of an announcement. The reported 2-2-2 role lock could be one of the expected changes.

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