Space and Super play through earthquake

The best Earth Shatter of all time.

Overwatch's Icon Sascha Heinisch · 6 Jul 2019


Robert for Blizzard Entertainment

On Friday night, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit Southern California. Since the Overwatch League is still hosted in Los Angeles, the tremor impacted teams residing in the area.

The San Francisco Shock’s main tank, Matthew “super” DeLisi, was streaming his ranked games at the time of the event, and was in a call with Indy "SPACE" Halpern from the Los Angeles Valiant. 

While Space first doesn’t feel the floor shaking, the shocks eventually also hit his location. As the pair begins to notice the ground trembling and we can clearly see the camera shaking, the team only briefly interrupts play. Then they continues to strut on because...well, ranked games are serious business. After his initial reaction, Space quickly refocuses on the game, calling to push the enemy team. While all of this is going on, Space remains cool and manages to eat Hanzo’s ultimate with his Defense Matrix.

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They actually end up winning the fight and push in on the third point of King’s Row. Their strategy? As Space put it: “Use the earthquake!” It’s perhaps the best strategical use of Earth Shatter in the history of the game.

After the earthquake stopped, Super jokingly suggested to Space to move back home.

“I’m telling you, the big one is happening really soon, Space," Super said. "You wanna catch a flight back to the east coast?”

California was hit by another earthquakes earlier this week and after shocks could follow, according to seismologists. The epicenter appears to have been Ridgecrest, a city 100 miles north of Los Angeles. A state of emergency has been declared in San Bernardino County. In the event of further earthquakes, readers are advised to take cover under sturdy furniture and stay away from windows and glass doors. 


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