Chuck E. Cheese to play host to Contenders caster Avast's event

You read that right.

Overwatch's Icon Sascha Heinisch · 1 Jul 2019


Image via Avast

For months, Contenders caster and former professional player Connor "Avast" Prince has been pushing the “Chuck E. Cheese Chad Of The Match,” his own tongue-in-cheek player of the match award for every game, on his own stream. Cropping the player’s face onto a muscular mouse torso, he would present the award supported by Florida Mayhem’s hashtag “#bringthemayhem,” a reference to the team that has so far been an even bigger joke than what Avast could reasonably be expected to conceive of himself. If you are wondering why exactly Chuck E. Cheese was chosen as a brand, industry linguists pointed out that it does form an alliteration with Chad, a term that is used to refer to outstanding players in Overwatch (but really shouldn't be).

Seeing the potential in the ruse, Overwatch League caster Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles contacted the brand directly in order to organize an esports event in one of Chuck E. Cheese’s locations. Today, Chuck E. Cheese actually responded to the request.

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Avast provides additional live commentary for Overwatch League games on his own personal stream where he invites players and casters to talk about matches in a more laid-back and definitely not serious atmosphere, as well as platforming the occasional meltdown. 

In an exclusive statement towards Upcomer, Avast shared the intention behind the cause: “Through the endless march of time the people have asked for one thing: Charles Entertainment Cheese. With the help of Montecristo and the Florida Mayhem we can quench the parched spirituality of the masses. We will ensure this event is the half remembered fever dream of esports you always secretly desired.”

His partner in crime and co-caster Andrew "ZP" Rush had the following to share: ”Yesterday, true enlightenment was bestowed upon the stream. Monte brought order to the chaos and told us we could realize our dreams - to bring everyone together in one blessed Chuck E Cheese for a day of memes. #BringTheMayhem”

In a tweet, the Florida Mayhem offered to host the event under certain conditions.

Whether or not the involved parties will come to an agreement is not yet known. Upcomer will continue to report on the story.

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