SeoMinSoo: “I believe as long as the team stays together, we will continue to win."

Plus more on how he went pro after only three years of gaming.

Overwatch's Icon Katrina Weil · 30 Jun 2019


Image via Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Min-soo "SeoMinSoo" Seo and the Vancouver Titans’ journey to the Overwatch League can be described as a fairytale, fateful, or even serendipitous. However, the DPS main’s journey can only be thought of as miraculous. SeoMinSoo shared the story of his rapid ascent to OWL after starting gaming only three years ago with Upcomer. 

How old were you when you discovered video games? What were your favorites when you were young?

I actually started playing games around age 15 and I played mostly League of Legends and Overwatch. Other than that, there wasn’t a significant game for me.

What were your first impressions of Overwatch when the game came out?

I thought it looked really new and interesting, because I hadn’t really seen Overwatch’s genre before. This moba and fps combination, I really wanted to play it when I first saw it. I wanted to play Genji the most because he looked the coolest. When I first played Overwatch, I promised myself that I would play 100 games of Genji and then accomplished that.

Did your family support your playing of games?

It first, they didn’t support it too much, but then my father supported me later. In my household, if one sibling goes to university, my parents didn’t mind if the other son went another direction. So my brother, he went down an educational path and I went to gaming. So my parents definitely supported me then.

Have your parents seen you play live? 

Not here in the United States, unfortunately, but in Korea they’ve been to so many games. I get nervous when they come, but it also helps me.

When did you realize you could play on a professional level?

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Basically, I would just play to have fun, but I noticed that my rank and skill was as good as other popular streamers and would be seen on a lot of their streams. I was then thinking that I could do it⁠—I could go pro.

What were some of the lessons you learned in your first experiences as a professional gamer?

My motto today is that I want to play for fun. One thing I learned at the beginning was to enjoy playing. That’s where I got that advice.

What made the group of players on Runaway special when you joined the team?

When I went to Runaway, the environment was free, but also we did everything we needed to do. Everyone’s style was just to enjoy playing, and we all became something greater when we joined Runaway.

Where were you when you found out Runaway would become the Vancouver Titans?

Before it was announced we would be the Titans, after the Contenders Finals, we all went out to do our own things, to just rest. When we heard the news, we all came together to talk about very personal, deep stuff. I was so happy that the entire team would be going together. I believe as long as the team stays together, we will continue to win.

What have been your favorite or most memorable moments of your time in the Overwatch League?

The most memorable moment was actually the Stage 2 Finals. It was the first game we ever lost in the Overwatch League, and we went into the game thinking we could win it. Unfortunately, we didn’t, but that moment is still in my head. We were so close.

What do you hope to accomplish for the rest of this season?

I want to win the Grand Finals.

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