Tobi on team synergy: "in the GOATS meta everyone is important."

Seoul Dynasty's tobi on his adaptations to their roster changes.

Overwatch's Icon Katrina Weil · 25 Jun 2019


Photo via Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Jin-mo "tobi" Yang has provided leadership both on and off the stage as the Seoul Dynasty continues to have a redefining year after the difficult Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League. Seoul is experimenting with not only their compositions, but with their roster more than any other team. Between tobi’s first two matches of Stage 3, he played alongside 11 other members of the Dynasty. 

In his interview after Seoul’s 4-0 victory, tobi discussed how he adapts to the various Seoul rosters, the impact of military service on his career, and which Overwatch League players inspire him. 

Congratulations on the victory against the Atlanta Reign! In such a synergy-reliant meta like GOATS, how hard is it to play with so many teammates?

tobi: The five players that I played with in the match against Atlanta, they are the ones I have been practicing with together, so I didn’t have a hard time adjusting. But against the Mayhem, I had to change my playstyle to play with them, so that was kind of hard.

When you find yourself having to change your playstyle between rosters, how do you adjust your shotcalling and gameplay?

So whether it’s how aggressive I go in-game, or how protective I go, that’s what changes most. I have to synergize the most with our Reinhardt player, but in the GOATS meta everyone is important. We all have to play together. 

With GOATS potentially not being the dominant meta in Stage 4, what internal factors do you think will be the most important for team success?

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Synergy is important in every meta, but with the meta changing, we’ll be able to focus more on individual mechanics. 

You are a highly respected figure within the league. Who are some players who inspire you?

All Lucio players have something for me to learn from, but among them I learn a lot from Anamo and Slime.

Your former teammate Esca has announced that he is going to retire from playing games to fulfill his military service. Has military service impacted your own career decisions?

For me there was no impact, because Overwatch came out after my military service. I don’t think my service impacted anything in my professional gaming life, but it did help to teach me how to interact with other people. 

Do you have any advice for players on how to have a career as long lasting as yours?

You must be honest, hardworking, and enjoy the game. If you do that, you will get better, and once you get better, more opportunities will come.

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