Paris Eternal Greyy on JjoNak: "I’d love to play against him and shoot him a couple times"

Luis "Greyy" Perestrelo on moving to LA and coming out of Contenders.

Overwatch's Icon Amanda Stevens · 24 Jun 2019


Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

As the Paris Eternal battle their way to a Stage 3 Playoffs berth, Paris Eternal’s support player Luís “Greyy” Perestrelo sat down with Upcomer to talk about what he brings to the team’s line up, what it was like in the Contenders scene, and who does he enjoy facing off against the most. 

You were one of the players featured in the “Path to Pro” series for the OWL. You are now finally in the OWL. What does it feel like to make it past that barrier?

It feels pretty awesome but it’s kind of funny. When I got into the OWL I was like “Oh I finally did it” but I feel like that only lasted a couple of days. Then it’s just practicing a lot and your next “Wow I finally did it” is going to be performing well. It’s an amazing feeling for sure to break into the OWL but there was no finale - “I finally made it.” That’s not really the feeling you get. The feeling you get is of the next “I finally made it” which will be to perform well, to win a lot, maybe win the whole thing. Just get the whole next “I finally made it” thing. It wasn’t quite what I expected but it was still an awesome feeling, for sure.

As a competitive player, how challenging was it for you to watch a lot of people you knew getting into the OWL and you sort of being in the Tier 2 scene?

In some ways it was disheartening but I never really got myself demotivated to be in the League so I never really backed down on it. So eh, it was alright. Just keep the grind up and eventually I made it.

If you were to describe your strongest attribute as a player for the Eternal, what would you say it is?

Hm…not sure, honestly.

Your good looks?

Probably. Mechanically I think I’m a good player but overall I think our team puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork. The way our team is structured, we have leaders in the communication. We have people who talk more than others and set up stuff more than others but we have other players who have a spot, like a moment of ingenuity. “Wow let’s do this RIGHT NOW!” I think I have quite a lot of these moments sometimes. Sometimes I can help break a struggle that we’re having apart from considering myself a good mechanical player.

So what’s it been like transitioning to move to LA?

I feel like I’ve been lied to because it’s raining every day. Yeah I’ve been lied to about the weather. But yeah other than that it’s been pretty great. We have everything in walking distance which I think is not very common in the area-wise. I lived in Frisco, Texas and nothing was in walking distance so this is very nice, I love it.

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One of the things I remember talking to your team manager about personal training and dedicated gym time. Do you think that does a lot for you guys as players to also be taking care of your physical health? Not just eating well but working out?

I think it’s very important. We have extremely sedentary jobs. Even someone who works an office job doesn’t sit on a couch as much as we do. We literally get up, we go to our computers and we park there. We get up when we go to sleep so having this exercise regularly is, in my opinion, extremely good.

I know that you guys get some structured free time. What is your main way from separating yourself from Overwatch?

Hm….I don’t have many.

Is it just Overwatch 24/7?

Like nothing really for me; it just means I play a lot of Overwatch. I like going out to have dinner with the team and also some friends from outside the team. I like going out for dinner. That’s pretty much what I do, really, outside of Overwatch. Sometimes I play other games, stuff like that. It’s very rare for me to have a REAL day off. Mainly on my day off I don’t take Overwatch as seriously because it’s a ranked game, not scrims. Maybe I’ll play heroes I don’t normally play.

Is there a player you enjoy facing off against in the league?

I think I’ll say two: I think any flex-support player will say JJoNak. Everyone knows how good he is. I’d love to play against him and shoot him a couple of times, just outfrag him. I’m really looking forward to that. And probably neptuNo because we were in a team together, Cloud 9 EU, so I think playing against him will be lots of fun.

Now a lot of players don’t like to admit weakness but is there a player you think you’re going to struggle against or a team that you’re slightly concerned about how you’re going to match up?

Not sure. I generally don’t think there’s any player that’s scarier than others right now.

Last question: Is there anything you want to say to your fans now that you’ve made it?

I just want to thank everyone for the support really. People who’ve been supporting me all the way through. That’s an awesome feeling really. I’ve been everywhere: I started competing in European contenders, then went to Australia for the World Cup. Then I went to NA contenders. I’ve been everywhere and now I’m here. Having these fans along the way is pretty cool and I appreciate it.


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