Supreme Memes about Overwatch teams: Intimate interviews

Plus, Overwatch is finally dead thanks to Brigitte.

Overwatch's Icon Olivia Richman · 14 Jun 2019


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Ah, yes. Stage 3 is finally here. Overwatch League has returned. The big-brain plays. The GOATS. The pros showing off their insane skills. The GOATS. But we know what Overwatch League fans truly want. More. Memes.

This weekend’s match outcomes, cringe Watchpoint chit-chat, and awkward interviews will definitely kick the spice factor of this dish up a few notches. But until then, here’s some more subtle appetizers to hold you over from the past week. The memes people made while waiting for the true meme fuel to start bubbling in the deep fryer.

IS EVERYONE LEAVING OVERWATCH? OVERWATCH IS DEAD! And guess who is to blame for these horrendous click-baity titles? Yes, you’re right. None other than Brigitte. The hero that Blizzard created to counter dive. And she did. But she also made the game incredibly boring and repetitive to play and watch.

Just like seeing your cousin post photos of their baby over and over and over again on Facebook, Brigitte is just some aggravating Blizzard spawn that just won’t seem to go away. At least Brigitte is cute.

But, seriously, you see the charts. Look at them. The views are just PLUMMETING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT. There’s no other proof needed. The Overwatch League is literally dead. And Blizzard has ADMITTED it. You can tell because there’s a photo of a guy with a cartoon over his head and his arms are crossed. #RIPOW.

Seriously though, let’s pray that the teams this weekend at least attempt to use DPS. Come on. Even just a few minutes on Torbjorn, for old time’s sake.

Did you see the interview? The one where Overwatch League caster Monte Christo said he might return to League of Legends if the OWL dies. And what an empty threat that is. We all know that Overwatch League is already dead with zero views and zero players. Just look at the previous meme.

Anyway, Monte Christo said he would consider joining Riot again if the developers apologized for banning him from owning a team for a year. Even though, in the same interview, he claims that checking out the LCS made him feel like his job with the OWL was heaven on earth. And with all the shrieking fans and blackouts… That’s not saying much for the LCS.

If you want to see his actual feelings about League of Legends, check out the interview. It’s pretty entertaining:

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This is the content that we, the Overwatch League fans, live for. Screw highlight reels. Don’t even get me started on pros giving out advice and tips. No, OWL fans only want to know THE most important things about their favorite teams and players. They want to know about JJonak peeing all over the toilet seat. And how many times in a row Sinatraa wears the same jersey. And which pro OWL players believe that a hotdog is a sandwich. THAT’S why we watch the Overwatch League. I’m not even being sarcastic.

Since there wasn’t any Overwatch League to watch, fans turned their focus to the Contenders, and this tournament produced quite a fair share of memes. Most of them were honestly about this, which made me curious. Why is everyone so obsessed with EU claiming to be the best at GOATS? Nobody even likes GOATS anyway. Just let them have it.

But where did the meme originate?

Apparently, a UK Overwatch League team beat an American team during the tournament back when nobody was really hip on GOATS yet. European teams allegedly got overconfident, and many of their players took to boasting about having the best tanks on Twitter. Paris Eternal started to get a bit of attention after people crowned them one of the three best GOATS teams in the world after they beat London Spitfire.

As the OWL went on, Stage 1’s champion was a full Korean team. And Stage 2 crowned a team made up of Koreans and Americans. Even so, EU was quite confident they could defeat NA and Korea in the recently held Atlantic Showdown. But yeah, they didn’t do well. That made it an instant meme for all of us to enjoy. Let’s all laugh at Europe.

The real joke here is that someone on the Vancouver Titans doesn’t know how to write.

When Asher’s retirement was announced by the Toronto Defiant, Silkthread wished him luck, but also welcomed him to “the club.” So… what’s the club? Apparently, this is an exclusive club for Overwatch League pros who were benched for a very long time and then announced retirement from competitive Overwatch.

Apparently, Babybay more than loves GOATS. The Atlanta Reign star can apparently get off on the thought of a hefty and aggressive 3-3 composition, despite being a DPS main. Not to mention, the Atlanta Reign are sitting at a mediocre 11th place going into Stage 3. It just doesn’t seem like the current meta is really their forte.

That’s called masochism, y’all. Don’t judge other people’s kinks.

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