Fury on language: “If I learn English, I can communicate with our London fans"

London's off-tank does well with his first all-English interview.

Overwatch's Icon Katrina Weil · 14 Jun 2019


Image via Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

London Spitfire’s All Star Off-Tank, Jun-ho "Fury" Kim is known for his consistent D.Va play and omniscient awareness of enemy ultimates. However, in an interview after the Spitfire swept the Boston Uprising, Fury revealed another skill—speaking great English.

Upcomer spoke to Fury in his first all-English interview, where he discussed how he spent the mid-season break, his thoughts on D.Va’s nerf, and the best food he’s tried while traveling with the Overwatch League.

You had some time away from the Overwatch League between Stages 2 and 3. Did you go home?

Fury: Yes, I went to Korea and met my family and friends. I got two of my wisdom teeth out, too. It hurt when I was recovering from my wisdom teeth. I just stayed home and was playing games.

You came back to a brand new jersey. Do you like how it looks?

Actually, I don’t like bright colors because my skin is a little dark. So I’d like more black or dark jerseys. But our jersey is still so good.

Havana is a new map this stage, is it fun for you?

Yes, we played a lot of Havana in the live servers, in custom game workshops. I’ve played Havana a lot, and I think it’s better for defense. Havana is fun. A higher team will like Havana more because defense is easy, especially the second point.

There will be some changes to D.Va with her Defense Matrix being nerfed. What do you think about this change?

I saw the patch notes. I think every D.Va player will be influenced. When Defense Matrix is decreased, I think maybe even if I eat enemy gravitons, it’ll be so hard. I think it’s not good for me, but when this patch comes to the live server, I just will adapt. Any patch coming out, it’s not a bad patch or good patch. I just adapt to each patch by playing more.

When preparing against other teams, do you focus on the other D.Va player?

I just focus on our team, and our communication and relationships to my teammates. We had a few weeks where we just focused on ourselves. Also, we’re thinking about what compositions the other team will prepare.

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At this point, Fury’s teammate Seung-tae "Bdosin" Choi and General Manager Seunghwan "Robin" Lee come in.

Robin: How’s he doing?

Upcomer: He’s doing great, his English is amazing.

Bdosin [teasing Fury]: AMAZING!

Fury laughs and turns back to the interview

Speaking of your great English, how long have you been learning the language?

Fury: When I was in middle school, I practiced English more for my exams. When I was on Team Liquid, I played along with a translator too. I want to learn. If I learn English, I can communicate with teammates from other nations, and I can communicate with our London fans.

You met fans last summer in London, did you like the food there?

Fish and chips were so good [laughs]. Every food is good to me.

You also got some local food in Texas, did you try barbeque?

We ate some barbeque, but that barbeque is not as good. I like Korean barbeque more.

Lastly, what goals do you have for Stage 3?

Maybe in Stage 4, the meta will change. So I think Stage 3 is our last chance. I want to beat a higher ranked team.

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