The Overwatch community reacts to Overwatch 2 leak

Some are frustrated, others are excited, and it's unclear which side is right.

Overwatch's Icon Alexander Lee · 7 Jun 2019


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After Blizzard Entertainment’s plans to develop an Overwatch sequel leaked yesterday, fans have shared a range of feelings, from frustration to excitement.

The most specific concerns arise from Overwatch’s ongoing issues. Some fans slammed Blizzard for spending resources on a sequel instead of focusing on a game still in need of so much attention.

Other Overwatch fans seemed completely uninterested or acted as if they couldn’t handle the sequel’s potential existence.

However, some fans responded positively to the rumors that the Overwatch sequel will have a player versus environment element featuring swappable loadouts and a more open world. In the r/Overwatch thread discussing the leak, a few optimistic comments made their way to the top.

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Back home on Upcomer, one user was skeptical about Blizzard’s ability to shift the entire Overwatch fan-base to a new title.

We see you Dane
We see you Dane

A look at other esports shows two potential futures for competitive Overwatch. Many beloved esports, such as StarCraft, Dota, and Counter-Strike, have survived through multiple versions of the game over the years. Players and spectators mostly moved seamlessly from one title to the next.

On the other hand, some sequel releases have fractured series’ player bases. The Super Smash Bros. community has been divided between Melee and the most recent title, ever since many fans were disappointed with the third game in the series, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

In the end, the fate of competitive Overwatch will inevitably depend on the quality of the sequel. If Blizzard can overcome Overwatch’s current problems, Overwatch 2 could deliver everything critics have been asking for.

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