OWL teams tease new jersey designs

Buried beneath the memes are hints of alternate color schemes for each team.

Overwatch's Icon Jess Simmonds · 5 Jun 2019


Photo via Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The third stage of Overwatch League starts in just two days, and several teams have tweeted cropped images that appear to tease a new line of jerseys. The jerseys all have different designs to each team’s usual shirts.

The Los Angeles Valiant started off the chain of tweets earlier today when they posted a picture of half a jersey. Although the Valiant logo is still visible, it appears to be in a teal colour that fans are unfamiliar with. Teal is the colour of their parent company: Immortals Gaming Club.

Los Angeles Gladiators were next, posting a picture of a jersey in similar colours to their regular ones, but with a completely different design. Philadelphia Fusion then stepped in with a black and white striped jersey (which fans have already jokingly compared to a referee’s uniform). Toronto Defiant also posted a black and white jersey, but theirs is designed with English and Korean text, which expresses the diversity of the team and players.

San Francisco Shock had fun with the hype by posting their teaser with the entire jersey photoshopped out. In the replies, people had fun designing their own Shock jerseys which everyone would be proud to wear, honestly. Shanghai Dragons also joked around with their reveal, hand-drawing their possible jersey design.

The jerseys themselves weren’t the only aspect of the photos that fans had fun with - the fact that teams didn’t reveal which players were modelling the shirts had everyone trying to guess who it was from just their arms. Also, the angle and focus of the photos had many, such as Fran (a streamer for Atlanta Reign) questioning the League’s marketing strategies.

You can check out all of the jersey teasers in this comprehensive list made by Seagull_No1_Fanboy on Reddit.

Stage three starts on June 6, and it’d be an opportune time to give fans more information on the alternate jerseys, since the available teasers are shrouded in mystery - and memes.

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