OW Contenders player unleashes one of the fastest-ever Earthshatters in finals

From zero ult charge to 100 in seconds

Overwatch's Icon Scott Duwe · 4 May 2019


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Everyone loves a good Overwatch ultimate. The game revolves around them in a big way, and they can turn the tide of a long battle instantly.

Or, they can end a fight a before it even gets a chance to start.

During the grand finals of the European Overwatch Contenders League, a player built up an insanely fast Earthshatter in the first round of the first map of the series.

Seb "Numlocked" Barton, a pro who debuted in the league with the Los Angeles Valiant last year, is now playing for the London Spitfire's Contenders team, the British Hurricane. And in the chaotic, early seconds of Lijiang Tower, Numlocked pulled off a gorgeous highlight play as main tank against Angry Titans.

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Cool as this was, the situation was a bit of a perfect storm. Both teams met up in a tight choke outside of the objective, allowing the big tank to swing his hammer and hastily fuel his ultimate ability before knocking down multiple enemies to win the fight.

Considering the implications of the match and the importance of the situation, the speed at which Numlocked acquired his ultimate here is all the more impressive. The Hurricane quickly went on to win the first fight and the map itself.

Unfortunately, Numlocked’s lightning-fast ult couldn’t keep the wind at the Hurricane’s back. Angry Titans turned around with a reverse sweep to win the grand finals 3-1. However, at least the main tank can hold his head high knowing he had an impactful performance. It might even be good enough to get him called back up to the Overwatch League.


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