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Earlier this week, various Overwatch League teams showed off sneak peeks at other versions of their jersey. The pictures showed a cropped off jersey that had the same logo, but a different color scheme. Today, Blizzard Entertainment revealed the third kit alternate jersey designs for a multitude of Overwatch League teams on Twitter.

Third kit alternate jerseys

Each alternate jersey is based on a color scheme of the team’s location and history. The Atlanta Reign Peach jersey features the iconic Georgia peach. Florida Mayhem’s Vice jersey showcases a color scheme from the hit 1980s TV show Miami Vice. The Los Angeles Gladiators’ third jersey pays homage to the majority Latino population with a design by local artist David Siqueiros that introduces many traditional Mexican elements. Finally, the New York Excelsior’s alternate jersey highlights the New York skyline with the skyscrapers embedded in the logo.

Overwatch League releases sleek new alternate jerseysOverwatch League releases sleek new alternate jerseysOverwatch League releases sleek new alternate jerseys

Photo Credit: NYXL, LA Gladiators, Florida Mayhem

The collection features brand new “third kit” jerseys for 15 teams. These include the Defiant, Eternal, Excelsior, Fuel, Fusion, Gladiators, Justice, Mayhem, Outlaws, Reign, Shock, Spark, Spitfire, Uprising, and Valiant. However, teams like the Shanghai Dragons, Chengdu Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, Vancouver Titans, and Seoul Dynasty did not customize their own.

Players will wear the third kit jerseys during Overwatch League Week 1. It also interestingly notes that players “can” wear them up to three more times during the 2019 season. Each design features a player’s name and signature number, while blank jerseys usually available are not. The alternate jerseys can be purchased on the Overwatch League shop and the Fanatics store.

INTO THE AM over Fanatics

However, a different company is producing the jerseys this time around. The previous provider, Fanatic, was brought into the spotlight in early February. This was because fans of the Overwatch League posted pictures of their newly purchased jerseys onto Reddit.

This is sad, I’m getting a refund from Competitiveoverwatch

A photo of a low-quality washed out jersey that was posted by Reddit user PyroSSBM showed the jersey featuring an iron-on transfer. This was surprising as Fanatics had been known for producing jerseys before, and that jersey was nearly $100 in total. After disappointing results, it looks like Blizzard Entertainment has made the right choice in switching to INTO THE AM.

Will you be picking up a third kit alternate jersey for your favorite Overwatch League team? Who are you rooting for this season? Keep up with all of the latest Overwatch League news and content here at Daily Esports.