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NVIDIA’s new Reflex technology now integrates into Overwatch, helping reduce input latency. This only applies to the PTR currently, but will be entering the main game soon. For players who have specific NVIDIA GPUs or new monitors, this new tech will help reduce lag.

NVIDIA Reflex helping reduce lag

For avid players of games like Overwatch, input latency can always be an issue. The better computer or monitor you have, the more you can reduce it. However, even players with expensive PCs are used to reducing in-game video settings to help decrease input lag. To combat this, NVIDIA created Reflex support.

This new technology helps limit the number of frames your GPU uses during specific times, meaning more power towards your latency. Avid players of competitive games know to remove settings such as triple buffering or V-Sync to help reduce latency. Reflex offers an easier solution, just turn it on and voila.

Photo from NVIDIA.

As of March 12, Reflex was added into Overwatch on the PTR. According to NVIDIA, this program helps reduce system latency from ten milliseconds to almost thirty milliseconds. But, you do need an NVIDIA GTX 900 series GPU or later to access Reflex. The older the graphics card, the more drastic the improvement will be. This improvement will also affect the newest NVIDIA GPUs.

This is only on the PTR so far, but most changes that appear there do move onto the main game soon. Especially since this is a system-based improvement over a hero balance change, hopefully it will reach the main game very soon. NVIDIA Reflex also is designed to work with the newest 360hz monitors available. For users with NVIDIA graphics cards, you can access this new program by going onto the GeForce Experience program.