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D.Va has a new look for the Overwatch Summer Games

Overwatch heats up for the Summer Games

Summer Games are back for the third year

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After all the hype from the Overwatch Grand Finals, players needed something to look forward to. Introducing the Summer Games!

Overwatch events have become a highlight for players around the globe. Events are tied into seasonal festivities such as Halloween, Winter, Summer, and Christmas. This year’s Summer Games are set to take place from August 9 until the end of the month. With new events come new skins. That’s what all the players really want to get their hands on.

First legendary skin

Only hours ago, Blizzard revealed the first unlockable legendary skin. The D.Va Waveracer brings the summer spirit. With hibiscus flowers, fun summer colours, and a lifejacket for every water-racer. You’ll feel like taking the plunge with this latest edition.

This first skin looks amazing. Each year’s event aims to tie in summer sporting activities from around the world. This year’s D.Va skin plays on popular water sports. Blizzard is expected to reveal more legendary skins over the coming days. Select skins from previous Summer Games will also be unlockable during the event.

Lucioball returns

Skins aren’t the only items players can expect from the Overwatch Summer Games. Lucioball will be making a return to arcade mode. According to a tweet from Blizzard, there’s even a tournament you can sign up to. This fun arcade game allows people to play Rocket League-style soccer. It was a huge hit during last year’s summer games. The South Korea beach city of Busan is set as one of the new arena locations.

Twitch Prime is also jumping on board this year’s Summer Games. Twitch Prime members get access to additional Wrecking Ball loot boxes. Makes sure you connect your Battle.net ID to Twitch in order to obtain the loot. More information about the Overwatch summer games is still to be announced.

Overwatch update

Alongside the announcement of the summer games comes a new hero. Hammond, AKA Wrecking Ball, joins the lineup. He is already playable in Overwatch and you can read all about him here. In addition, Hanzo’s storm bow has received a nerf. Blizzard determined his new hero rework was too powerful and have made some slight adjustments. His storm bow now only last five seconds instead of six. The cooldown has also been increased from eight seconds to ten seconds. This nerf should help balance out the Hanzo gameplay and make the meta more interesting. Finally, Sombra has been tweaked to allow her to play better “as an infiltrator and scout for her team.” For a full rundown of all Overwatch updates, check out the full patch notes here. If you’re waiting for the summer games to start, click here to read everything on Overwatch.

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