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According to a new report, South Korean esports organization RunAway is negotiating to acquire a League of Legends Challengers Korea (CK) team. While it is most well known for its Overwatch Contenders Korea roster, this could become the first of many esports expansions for founder Dae-hoon “Runner” Yoon.

RunAway enters Challengers Korea

The news that Runner would be acquiring an existing Challengers Korea team was initially announced in a livestream. Given RunAway’s success in the Overwatch Contenders scene, it certainly has the fanbase to branch out to another title. The team also has shown it has the capability to turn a bottom-performing team into an Overwatch League caliber lineup.

In the beginning, Runner and his wife Hyun-ah “Flowervin” Lee operated RunAway out of pocket, but the team did not fare as well in Season 1 of Overwatch APEX. Later, Runner had to take a leave of absence to undergo his mandatory military service as a South Korean citizen, so Flowervin took over. This turned out to be a great decision. RunAway quickly exploded onto the scene, achieving multiple top placements at events that the roster used to struggle with.

RunAway then proceeded to take 3 – 4th in Season 1 of Overwatch Contenders Korea and 1st in Season 2. Shortly after, the entire RunAway roster was acquired by the Overwatch League franchise Vancouver Titans. This didn’t stop the organization, though. It announced a new roster for Contenders Season 3, which continued its previous winning streak. The team finished in first at the majority of events, with the exception of 3 – 4th in Season 1 of 2019’s Overwatch Contenders Korea and 3rd at Overwatch Contenders: The Gauntlet.

With this talent realized, Flowervin will continue being responsible for the Overwatch Contenders team, while Runner will handle the League of Legends team. This will be a new venture for the two, but they have created wonders with the previous one. Will RunAway also take the Challengers Korea scene by storm? Let us know about your opinion, and keep up with Daily Esports for all of your League of Legends coverage.