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The annual Overwatch Anniversary Event will return Tuesday, bringing new skins and dances to the game as Blizzard and its fans celebrate the Overwatch franchise. As of May 16, the Overwatch team has shown off a new Baptiste skin, as well as new dances for most heroes. With the recent themes of celebration, these new skins and dances all link to a celebration, bringing many fun new cosmetics to Overwatch.

New anniversary skins and dances

Blizzard’s short teaser video gave fans a look at a few new cosmetics they can claim from the event. A new Baptiste skin, in particular, has created a lot of excitement within the Overwatch community. Clearly very disco-inspired, he has an afro and very cheesy glasses to fit the clothing.

This might be the best Baptiste skin out there, so expect many fans to rock this look on May 18. However, the anniversary event has always been linked to celebrations. The dancing emotes that everyone knows in-game were first released during a previous anniversary event. This year, they seem to be adding more dances to the game, and some were shown off in the teaser.

For a short time, both Brigitte and Tracer showed off new dance emotes. Brigitte’s involved her dancing with many other versions of herself, while Tracer’s was a new solo dance. In the background, all other heroes danced the way their original emotes do, but they might be more new dances for this event. Plus, this Brigitte dance might be the introduction of group dancing, which would be fun to accidentally press on competitive.

Either way, this new event promises fun celebratory skins and hints at more dancing emotes for some heroes. As usual, this also means players who log in will get a golden loot box, with a guaranteed legendary cosmetic item for anyone who logs in after Tuesday during the event.

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