OpTic Texas take down Atlanta FaZe at the Pro-Am with a substitute
OpTic Texas
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OpTic Texas take down Atlanta FaZe at the Pro-Am with a substitute

OpTic takes down a giant while having an active sub on the roster

The Pro-Am Classic hasn’t had too many exciting moments through the third day of matches. While one amateur team, Toronto Ultra Academy NA, was able to make it out of pool play, they didn’t last long. That leaves the rest of the tournament to the established CDL teams. In round one of the bracket, two of the best squads in the league found themselves up against one another. OpTic Texas and Atlanta headlined the first round of bracket play, but it didn’t seem like a fair fight.

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OpTic was playing with substitute player Jordan “General” General after Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal recused himself due to medical reasons after the team’s first match. General was able to keep Texas afloat and even played well enough to get the team out of pools. However, few thought that OpTic + General could take down Atlanta FaZe.

Well, to many fans’ surprise, Texas pulled out a spectacular win. The match went the distance, ending with OpTic narrowly defeating Atlanta on Berlin Search and Destroy. FaZe was actually up 2-1 in the series after they managed to defeat OpTic on Tuscan Control, which isn’t an easy feat no matter who is playing for the Greenwall. After that map, it seemed like Atlanta was going to run away with the series.

However, Texas bounced right back and turned in a scrappy Hardpoint win on Tuscan in map four to secure a game five. From there, FaZe had some issues in Search and Destroy. Their offensive rounds on Berlin S&D looked abysmal at times, and OpTic took full advantage. FaZe was at the mercy of the first-blood king in Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro, who finished with six first-bloods in the game. He was a major thorn in Atlanta’s side and prevented them from working the map the way they wanted to on offense.

This loss eliminates FaZe from the Pro-Am Classic while OpTic now moves into the semifinals. They’ll play the winner of Boston Breach and LA Thieves while the other side of the bracket sees the New York Subliners and Toronto Ultra square off.

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