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The LA Guerrillas have taken a huge fall in a matter of a few weeks they’ve gone from a miraculous run during last month’s CDL Major II to not winning a single map at Major III. OpTic Texas swept through the former champs with ease today, not being heavily threatened in any of the three maps. This continues the downward spiral LAG has been on since their Major II win; they only won a total of five maps and one series during the Major III qualifiers. Even a roster change to swap Major II hero Kris “Spart” Cervantez for former starter Peirce “Gunless” Hillman didn’t help LAG in the end as OpTic Texas blew right through them in the loser’s bracket.

LAG is out after not winning a map against OpTic Texas

The match’s map set from the start heavily favored OpTic Texas. The first map was on Bocage Hardpoint, one of OpTic’s strongest maps where they always impress. While LAG did have some success on Bocage in the qualifiers, they just couldn’t keep up with Brandon “Dashy” Otell and the rest of OpTic Texas. LAG ultimately ended up with a loss due to time running out, but they were also dozens of points behind in the end.

The next map was Berlin Search and Destroy, arguably OpTic’s best S&D map. The first round of the map ended with Seth “Scump” Abner completing a miraculous 1v3 while also needing to defuse the bomb. After that, LAG didn’t look the same; they were cut down by Texas at every turn, even throwing away a 2v4 in the later stages of the map.

Lastly, we went to Berlin Control, a map and mode that LAG has yet to win in the CDL. It would suffice to say that didn’t change today as LAG failed to win a single round against Texas, barely making things competitive at times. OpTic looked like the superior team by a country mile and they move on to face the London Royal Ravens in round two of the Major III loser’s bracket. After winning it all one Major ago, the Guerrillas are going home with nothing this time.

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