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Since OpTic Gaming’s sale to Immortals, the rumors surrounding the organization have been endless. From the creators to the different teams, no one quite knew what the future held for OpTic. With most of the team’s content creators leaving, the future for one of esports’ most recognized names looks etched in stone. At least, until now.

However, according to former member “Davis “Hitch” Edwards, fans might have a glimmer of hope after all. In a recent video, Hitch states that the current Call of Duty team is sticking together for the upcoming CDL. Along with this, former owner and CEO Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez has a “plan” regarding the CDL.

OpTic Call of Duty continues to play together?

If you look at the official teams for the 2020 CDL, you’ll see that OpTic Gaming has a spot in Los Angeles. However, this spot was purchased by Immortals on behalf of OpTic. While the name might stay the same, most fans don’t recognize this as true OpTic, or “H3CZ’s OpTic.”

In a tweet following the CDL/LA announcement, H3CZ stated: “That ain’t us.” It’s clear that the OpTic we know has ceased to exist; they no longer have any competing teams, and almost all of the creators have left as of yesterday.

However, the Call of Duty team is still under contract as far as we know. While it’s unlikely any of the current players will want to play for the LA location, the rumor is they still want to play together. According to Hitch, who made a YouTube video talking about OpTic, the CoD team would like to remain together for the CDL.

While this isn’t anything official, Hitch is often in the know for these types of things. Of course, this isn’t the same as the likes of Scump and Crimsix playing for OpTic. Still, with things the way they are currently, this might be as good as it gets for the Greenwall.

H3CZ has a plan for the CDL

Also in Hitch’s “Around the Bar” YouTube video, the videographer states that former owner H3CZ has a plan in regard to the CDL. The 39-year-old phenom is apparently always on the phone for business meetings involving the CDL. Could this have any relation to the current OpTic CoD players?

H3CZ and the current roster have built a solid relationship over the past year. It would make sense that these 6 individuals would want to stick together in some capacity. Maybe H3CZ is discussing a general manager position for a current or upcoming CDL team. Or, H3CZ could be discussing investment opportunities for an unannounced CDL location and a return to his former CEO/Owner role.

One thing is certain, however: the CDL is in for a crazy inaugural season. Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Call of Duty coverage!