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League of Legends has been releasing countless teasers this week from Samira joining the rift to new K/DA music. For today’s teaser, the game has revealed a trailer for the upcoming PsyOps skins, named Operation: Songbird.

The PsyOps theme is a series of futuristic, cyber-punk skins assigned to multiple champions such as Caitlyn, Ezreal, Sona, Gragas, and more. Fans also compare this skin line to Arctic Ops, where the storyline takes place in a snowy, arctic setting rather than a militaristic, technologically advanced one.

New PsyOps skins and trailer

The teaser’s primary focus is on Sona, one of League of Legends’ most popular support champions. The video’s opening sequence starts with an explosion and a closeup of a mysterious face. Their eyes show signs of distress as the clip goes backward in time.

Sona is then shown in her PsyOps outfit, as several military-like people shoot their guns at her. Because of her healing shield, the bullets can’t get passed her. She then gets ready for battle.

As she lets out an explosion, the rest of the team comes in to protect her. This includes Vi, Ezreal, Shen, and Ezreal. Finally, the person from the beginning reaches out for help. She calls out to her teammates’ code names, which represent Pyke, Zed, Kayle, and Samira.

It’s no surprise that League of Legends has focused on PsyOps Sona as the major event of the teaser. For her PsyOps storyline, she’s an immensely powerful psychic. After years of being locked up as an experiment, she’s finally free and ready to discover how powerful she is. Additionally, she received a whole new voice. Players can even compare her PsyOps skin to her DJ Sona skin, as both have very colorful and fun animations.

The PsyOps skins will be released for patch 10.18 on Wednesday, September 2. Players who can’t wait to try the new cosmetics out can catch them on PBE right now.

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