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Every year, hundreds of thousands of people enter Riot Game’s Worlds Pick’Ems with the ultimate goal to go perfect. The reward for doing so is, well, ultimate. Anyone who goes perfect in their Pick’Ems from the group stage onwards receives every single Ultimate skin in the game of League of Legends.

As the tournament reaches the later stages, Oracles appear as the unpredictable event wipes out every expert’s opinion. This year at Worlds 2022, heading into the semifinals, there are eight people left with perfect Pick’Ems. But the twist is that none of the eight deviated their picks from each other.

A look at the eight remaining people with perfect pick’ems. | Screenshot via lolesports.com

With all eight people picking T1 to take down JD Gaming and Gen.G to beat DRX, there will either be zero people with perfect Pick’Ems or all eight will move on to the finals after this weekend.

As for the picks themselves, all eight players definitely went with the favorites. According to the official Pick’Ems website,  T1 has been picked over JDG 82% of the time while Gen.G has been picked over DRX 83%.

This year hasn’t been terribly hard to predict. Of course, there are going to be hard picks — which is why there are only 8 players remaining heading into the semifinals — but for the most part, this year has been rather tame outside of the Cinderella story, DRX. The other big upset picks included having Rogue finish second and Top Esports finishing third in their group.

As for the eight Oracles crystal ball picks, which are separate Pick’Ems that Riot Games implemented this year, we can already guess what these eight players will pick in the finals. Seven of the eight players completed their crystal ball predictions before the tournament started.

One of the categories is “Which team will win Worlds?” Out of the seven Oracles, three of them went with T1 and four went with Gen.G. Just like the traditional Pick’Ems, if anyone gets all the Crystal Ball categories correct, they will also win every single Ultimate Skin. However, there will for sure be no double-winners this year. That’s because, for their hit rate on the rest of the crystal ball categories, none of them are even close to perfect in those.

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