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Not long after players bid farewell to the absurdly popular ARURF game mode, another fan-favorite queue has returned to League of Legends for a limited time: One for All. As part of the Space Groove 2021 event, the One for All game mode will be available from April 4 through May 3.

One for All: A beginner’s guide

The One for All game mode is a special arcade-style queue. Champion Select begins with a draft where players have the chance to nominate a champion of their choice. The champion that wins the draft phase is then assigned to all five players on the team. Furthermore, there are no rules preventing both teams from picking the same champion. This can make for some pretty wild in-game situations, like the utter chaos of an all-Heimerdinger vs. all-Heimerdinger matchup.

Naturally, One for All creates the opportunity for some pretty bonkers game situations. For instance, players can choose to endlessly pinball their opponents around with a team of five Alistars. Or they can hook them down the full length of mid lane with a team of just Blitzcranks. Or they can stun-lock them forever with Brand’s “Q” ability, Sear.

Those that enjoy a more supportive style game can use the ultimate abilities of champions like Soraka, Zilean or Kayle to keep each other alive forever. Others, who take pleasure in their opponents’ pain, have even more options. One can imagine a situation where a Yasuo tornado catches a player off guard. Within seconds, 4 more copies of League’s worst champion fly out of a nearby brush and obliterate the victim’s hopes and dreams.

Another game, perhaps, might see a marksman run into five Teemos and literally never get off an auto attack while blindly running through a minefield of deadly mushrooms. Yet another instance might see a team of players helplessly flung around in a never-ending cloud of poisonous Singed gas.

The possibilities with the game mode, both in terms of personal enjoyment and in driving the opponent mad, are endless.

Accidental meta diversity?

One for All also gives players the chance to try builds they’d never otherwise explore. With a team of five Vel’Koz, for example, it doesn’t exactly make sense for all five players to go the traditional glass-cannon mage route. One teammate may try an attack speed-heavy on-hit build. Another may act as a pure AD carry. Yet another player on the team may choose to go pure tank, especially if the enemy team consists of a squishy carry champion that all five opposing players are building the same way.

Many players might be surprised by the success rates of some off-meta builds that the opponent isn’t always prepared for.

Space Groove 2021 rewards

One for All has the benefit of coexisting with the Space Groove 2021 event. Since the special game mode is a matchmade PvP queue, it carries several benefits during the event. It counts for all “play” missions, such as the Groove vs Harsh Vibes event and the Space Groove Orb mission. One for All also joins TFT, ARAM and Summoner’s Rift in rewarding pass-owners with tokens after every game. Those that have purchased the Space Groove pass will receive 6 event tokens for every OFA win. Every loss in the mode rewards 3 tokens.

The cherry on top with One for All is that matches typically run shorter than other queues, like Summoner’s Rift. This makes the game a prime avenue for players to blitz down their milestone missions and farm large amounts of event tokens in a short time.

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