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Today, OnGameNet (OGN) announced at a media day conference in Seoul that they will be bringing their original brand back from the grave. OGN revealed the 2019 plans for their OGN Super League (OSL). The company will host a bunch of esports events through the next two months, featuring eight different competitive titles.

The first game added to the list will be the tremendously popular Dota 2 mod, Dota Auto Chess. Developed by Chinese company Drodo Studio, the game’s tournament will begin May 29. It will run over a seven-week span. Additionally, Twitch will serve as the streaming platform for the events, so that everybody can watch their favorite players compete live. The mobile version of the game, Auto Chess, will not be included in the tournament. This means that the only way to play in the tournament is to own a PC in which to install Dota 2.

OGN, however, has made clear that they will be adding multiple platforms in its circuit, including mobile, consoles, and VR. The remaining games will be announced in June, August, and October respectively. Some of the biggest candidates are popular games like PUBG or even Arena of Valor. OSL is also planning to create an esports communication platform so that players can find help when it comes to talking to game developers.

OGN unveils new OGN Super League including Dota Auto Chess | PUBG
During the time they spent producing Korea’s most important League of Legends league, OGN established themselves as a benchmark company when it came to esports production. Image source: ecetia.

The tournaments are bound to be good ones, as they are produced by one of the most legendary and heralded companies in South Korea’s esports industry. Moreover, some massive patrons have entered the project as well, such as LG UltraGear or Sony Interactive. The latter will also provide PlayStation equipment for the league.

OGN has a pedigree

OGN has been a household name for years within the esports industry. After having produced the League Champions Korea ever since its creation, Riot Games took over in 2019. This was a very hard decision to accept for every League of Legends fan. The LCK was as legendary as it was, in part, for the amazing show they somehow consistently put up.

This, however, did not lead to the Korean esports production company having nothing left to do in the scene. Instead, they turned their attention towards PUBG. After organizing a $69,000 event in the OGN Super League Europe Invitational, they decided to fully involve themselves in the Bluehole game’s competitive scene.

Nowadays, they are responsible for producing both the National PUBG League and the PUBG Korea League. They are still rocking it when it comes to relevance and stability. Especially taking into account that their origin dates back to such a long time ago. The first edition of the OGN Starleague StarCraft league, indeed, played out in the year 2000.

OGN unveils new OGN Super League including Dota Auto Chess | PUBG
The OSL StarCraft league ended up being one of the most important events in the scene. Photo credits: acrofan.

Sit down and wait for the competition to start and more games to join the series, as this can very possibly be one of the best esports competitions in the whole year. After all, OGN has always perfectly known what they were doing. Why wouldn’t they now?

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