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The Fortnite World Cup Duos Finals ended in dramatic fashion. Players prepared for this moment for months. Only 98 players made it to the Fortnite World Cup Finals for Duos. After six games, Emil “Nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen and David “aqua” W are the Fortnite World Cup Champions. They won games four and five to put them within striking distance of Williams “Zayt” Aubin and Rocco “Saf” Morales. Then in the final game, the duo did just enough to edge out the competition. More than 40 million players competed in the online qualifiers. Both the qualifiers and prize pool make the Fortnite World Cup a historic event. The two European players now go home with three million dollars and the respect of the entire Fortnite community.

Game 1

The excitement began in Happy Hamlet. Tuckz and Vorwen contested Benjyfishy and Mrsavage off the spawn. Both teams looked to disengage as action took place throughout the map. The first elimination of the Fortnite World Cup came from Techtra on Landjok and Punisher at Dusty Divot.

The pace was very slow; after two zones closed, there were still 83 players remaining. Storm Surge forced players to take fights. In every zone, Storm Surge caused damage to players below the threshold.

In the end, Zayt and Saf took the high ground with only 20 players remaining. They kept height and went on to win the game with five eliminations.

Game 2

The first eliminations of game two came from Spades onto Jamside. Then his partner Crimz took down 7ss7 for the second elimination of the game. Much like in the first game, Lanjok and Punisher went down early to Slackes and Keys. Then in Neo Tilted, Mongraal and Mitro battled Clix and Sceptic.

Storm Surge once again caused players to play aggressively. After the second zone closed, 64 players remained. Teams without significant damage ticked down from the Storm Surge.

Late game, Zexrow and Vinny made a push for height. They held their ground and finished the game with six eliminations.

Game 3

In game three, Skram took down KBB for the first elimination. Storm Surge continued to bother players. Engagements became more frequent as players needed to increase their damage dealt to enemies. Each of the first five zones dealt Storm Surge.

Towards the end, Mackwood and Calculator grabbed the high ground. For multiple zones, they held height while spraying down onto players and punishing anyone trying to come up. Dubs and Megga went for the high ground retake but failed and ended up in the storm. Calculator and Mackwood took home the win with a total of nine eliminations.

Game 4

The first action of game four began with Kinstaar eliminating 4zr. The VP boys of Chapix and Crue finally won the battle for Paradise Palms. The first few games Crimz and Spadess had controlled the location. Next, the camera switched to XXiF and Ronaldo. The crowd booed the players! Shortly after, the duo was eliminated and cheers erupted in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Storm Surge did not play as big of a part during game four. By the end of zone three, only 60 players remained. Mongraal and Mitro played a key part in the smaller lobby. They exploded for an eleven-elimination game.

Game four saw a significant increase in Baller usage. Until this game, Ballers typically did not make it far into the game.

Aqua and Nyhrox held the high ground when the zones started to move. A couple of different teams looked to make a move, but the duo stood their ground. Players quickly fell and the only people in the way of Nyhrox and aqua were Crue and Chapix. Nyhrox and aqua jumped down onto the opposing team, eliminating them and clinching the victory royale.

Game 5

Yuwang eliminated Vato for the first of the game. Again, XXiF and Ronaldo were shown to a loud boo from the crowd. Players pushed more aggressively this game as they began to understand time was running out.

Ultimately, the zone moved down a hill late in the game. Aqua and Nyhrox battled Airwaks and Nikof for high ground. The battle cost the Solary team of Airwaks and Nikof. Once again, the winners of the previous game held the high ground advantage.

All the players battled while aqua and Nyhrox retook high ground for free. No one looked up to challenge as the low ground rumbled with fights. Nyhrox and aqua once again beamed players fighting down below. Aqua punished the entire lobby with a minigun, and the team took back-to-back victory royales.

Game 6

The final game started with xMende taking down Eclipsae for the first elimination. Then Calculator came into the fight as a third party and eliminated Tetchra, Eclipsae’s partner, to end their World Cup. Next, Aydan and Sean went down to Crue and Chapix. Lanjok and Punisher got their first points of the tournament with eliminations on Tyler15 and Lenain. Sceptic pulled out an amazing clutch against xMende and XXM after his partner, Clix, went down. Sceptic hit a 150-damage headshot with the revolver, then won the shotgun battle. Aqua and Nyhrox, the team that had won the last two games, played with notable confidence. They feared no engagement and moved around freely.

This game was played at a faster pace than the previous games. Players looked to make a late move up the leaderboard. Storm Surge only affected one player early on. Then Storm Surge eventually kicked in for zone six.

The last zone moved up a mountain as players battled below. 4zr took the high ground uncontested and eliminated Arkhram to win the final game.

Nyhrox and aqua win the Fortnite World Cup Duos Final

Day 2 of the Fortnite World Cup Finals in the books

The first two days of the competition displayed the best Fortnite players and the fun side of Fortnite. The events featured the Fortnite Creative Finals and the Fortnite Pro-Am. Overall, players won $10 million in prize money during the Duos Finals. Nyhrox and aqua solidified their names in Fortnite history becoming the first duo champions of the Fortnite World Cup. Surprisingly, the team remained calm after their victory. The players showed poise and respect to the competition.

Another day awaits for the Fortnite World Cup Finals. The Solo Finals are tomorrow and the stakes are just as high. Who will bring home the solo prize? Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all of your Fortnite World Cup coverage. Follow @somebodysgun on Twitter for live updates throughout the weekend.