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For those unaware, the popular Black Ops multiplayer map of the past is making a return. Nuketown is coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 this week on Nov. 13 for PlayStation 4. Activision’s deal with Sony still ensures that the PS4 receives all content in advance of the other platforms. The map will be released on PC and Xbox One later (no specific time was given).

Treyarch had previously announced that the map was headed back to the series in November. The teasers for the return of everyone’s favorite Black Ops staple come with a Russian vibe. This begs the question — what changes have occurred to the popular map?

Personally, I am hoping for the Nuketown playlist. You know, Nuketown on repeat over and over and over again. Treyarch has been known to do that in the past given the map’s popularity. So, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be something offered right out of the gate upon the map’s release.

 Black Ops 4 updates

If you’ve been heavily engaged in Black Ops 4 in the past few days, I must highlight that Treyarch is hard at work making tweaks, updates, and fielding player feedback. For a limited time, the studio unleashed the Blightfather zombie boss on Blackout mode. That will wrap up this week on Nov. 13 at 10 a.m. PT.  So be sure you go engage the ferocious beast for the promise of a significant reward while you still can.

Also, the studio has made tweaks to the weaponry in Blackout, the playlists available in competitive multiplayer, and various other stability fixes related to the Zombies mode. Additionally, Treyarch released a statement explaining that they are continuing to look into the crashing issue related to Zombies mode. It sounds like it may take some time to completely resolve.

A lot is happening in the world of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4! And, I’m sure it won’t stop for quite some time. So, be sure to stay tuned into Daily Esports for the latest on this title.