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CS:GO team Ninjas in Pyjamas brought up technical issues for their recent Flashpoint game against Anonymo. After losing 2-1, NiP tweeted that there were significant technical issues in their match. Furthermore, they said that issues like these shouldn’t happen at a major qualifying event.

NiP mention packet loss issues

One of the first issues mentioned in their statement was the packet loss. After a couple of rounds into the map Overpass, Ninjas in Pyjamas claim they experienced severe packet loss, upwards of 30%. The enemy team Anonymo wasn’t facing the same issues, giving them a distinct disadvantage. Fans who watched the game saw the long technical pause on that map. This packet loss incident, evidently, was why. They talked to the Flashpoint admins, but the problem could not be fixed by just switching servers.

Ninjas in Pyjamas noted that this doesn’t match precedent; the team mentioned a game against Heretics about a year ago. Their enemies had internet problems, and after an hour-long pause, the ESL postponed the final map. NiP didn’t get the same treatment, finishing the game with these internet issues. In their statement, they said that “the ignorance, stubbornness and lack of solutions coming from the Flashpoint staff was simply not to standard with what is expected from a major qualifiers event.”

With how many esports events now rely on good internet connections as opposed to a LAN environment, these issues do arise. Within other major esports, similar issues have been brought up. Organizers have to take on this challenge, and can face backlash if they drop the ball. NiP credited their opponents for playing well, but felt they needed to bring this issue to light for future games within Flashpoint.

As of May 14, Flashpoint has yet to respond directly to this statement. Their games continue on Twitch live until May 30.

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