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With the next League of Legends battle pass event, Debonair 2021, on the horizon, Riot Games has announced changes to the way points work for missions and token goals. The new mission points system puts all matchmade LoL games at an even level while nerfing point rewards in Teamfight Tactics and Co-op vs. AI queues.

Debonair 2021 is on the horizon

With the Worlds 2021 event coming to a close earlier this month, League of Legends has been without an active event for several weeks. While Riot bridged the gap with “Arcane,” its awesome new animated series on Netflix, it’s time for the next battle pass event. Debonair 2021 will release on Dec. 9. The event focuses on a snazzy new entry in the Debonair skin line that features a silver and green aesthetic. Champions getting new skins include Leona, LeBlanc, Draven, Malzahar, Zed, Master Yi and Brand. Brand is also receiving a Prestige Edition skin.

Ahead of the Debonair 2021 release, Riot Games is changing up how LoL players earn points towards event missions. In a gameplay blog on Friday Riot gave the following explanation for the upcoming changes: “For all League of Legends events moving forward, points will be earned based on how much time you spend playing, rather than how many games you play. We’ve converted general objectives for some missions based on the average 30-minute PvP Summoner’s Rift game.”

What this essentially boils down to is that players can no longer spam faster maps, like URF, ARAM and Nexus Blitz, to farm tokens faster. Players will also receive fewer tokens in Teamfight Tactics. Meanwhile, a points system based on time played will ensure that longer Summoner’s Rift games, such as standard blind pick or ranked, will scale up.

Changes to mission points for LoL pass events

Riot announced the following changes to the points system for event missions:

  • Weekly Win Missions (Old): Earn 40 Points. Players receive 5 points for a win and 2 points for a loss.
  • Weekly Win Missions (New): Earn 1,650 Points. Players receive 6 points per minute in games they win and 4 points per minute in games they lose.
  • Orb Missions (Old): Play 30 games.
  • Orb Missions (New): Earn 4,500 points. Players receive 6 points per minute in games they win and 4 points per minute in games they lose.
  • Token Bank Missions (Old): Earn a preset number of tokens after every game. For example, 6 tokens after an URF win and 3 tokens after an URF loss.
  • Token Bank Missions (New): Receive 20 tokens for every 400 points earned.
  • There was no mention of Milestone missions and whether the point system was changing there.

The most significant change here is for the token bank missions. Whereas previously, players were guaranteed a certain number of tokens after each game, now the token bank is being converted into a more traditional mission.

In the old system, the average player (50% win rate) would earn 20 tokens every 3.5 games of Summoner’s Rift or every four games in ARAM and event modes such as URF. Under the new time-based system, players will need to play 80 minutes of game-time on average to earn those same 20 tokens, regardless of which queue players select.

Overall, players should not feel a major difference in how fast they are earning tokens. The new system simply removes the variance of quick or long games and awards mission points uniformly based on LoL time played.

Changes to mission points in ARAM and LoL Event Modes

Along with the mission changes above, Riot also announced several changes to how tokens and points tally up through each queue. First off, all of League of Legends’ variety queues, such as ARAM, URF, One For All, Nexus Blitz and Ultimate Spellbook are being scaled up to reward points at the same rate as Summoner’s Rift games.

Previously, Summoner’s Rift gave 8 tokens after a win and 4 tokens after a loss. Event modes gave 6 tokens after a win and 3 after a loss. Now, event modes will give the same rate as SR: 6 points per minute in a win and 4 points per minute in a loss.

When it comes to the Token Bank missions, this is a buff. At the same time, this is a nerf towards points-based missions like Weekly Wins. Because these event modes have faster game times than standard Summoner’s Rift, they were the more efficient way to score points quickly. With these queues being put on the same level as Summoner’s Rift, players can no longer tap into that extra efficiency.

Standard Teamfight Tactics nerfed, Hyper Roll buffed

Perhaps the most efficient way to farm LoL event tokens was Teamfight Tactics. Players could spam the queue and even surrender early to pile up tokens. As a result, Riot is nerfing the rate that tokens are awarded in TFT by half. “While TFT [games] will still count toward League missions, they will now grant points at a lower rate,” Riot explained. “This change will shift League event rewards to reward on, well, League games.”

Essentially, the message Riot is sending is that TFT already has its own exclusive events and battle passes. These changes shift the primary focus of League of Legends events back to League of Legends queues.

While fans of Riot’s famous auto-battler will undoubtedly be disappointed by these nerfs, there is also some good news. Both Hyper Roll and Double Up variety queues will now award points towards League missions. Even with the reduced point rates in TFT, this is still a flat buff. Hyper Roll and Double Up did not award points in the past, but they will now.

Co-op vs. AI nerfed

Since Co-op vs. AI technically qualifies as a “Matchmade Queue,” players could previously spam the mode to sprint through Milestone missions or Weekly Wins. While the queue did not give the bonus tokens after each game, it did give progress towards points-based or games-based missions like the Orb Mission that requires players to play 30 games. This was especially helpful to those that lost time throughout the month and needed to cram at the end.

While the Co-op vs. AI queue still won’t give progress towards token bank missions, it has also been nerfed down for progress-based missions. Compared to the 6-and-4 points system in Summoner’s Rift, Co-op vs. AI will only reward mission points at a 2-and-1 ratio, making it 33% as effective as normal games and by far the least efficient LoL queue to make any progress in.

Summary of mission point changes for future LoL events

To summarize all of the above changes, players can refer to the below table to see how many mission points they’ll accumulate in each LoL game.

Game ModePoints Per Minute in WinsPoints Per Minute in Losses
Summoner’s Rift (All PvP modes)64
Howling Abyss (ARAM)64
Event Modes (ie: URF, OFA)64
Teamfight Tactics (All modes)32
Bot Games (Co-op vs. AI)21

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