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It’s been a weird week for the New York Subliners Call of Duty League organization. First, the team decided to bench one of its most recognizable names in Trei “Zer0” Morris. Then former substitute Nick “Happy” Suda was handed the reins to Zer0’s spot on the team right before CDL Los Angeles. Now, another substitute, Doug “Censor” Martin, is having to deal with his father posting extremely harsh comments about the Subliners team as a whole. Presumably, this was in response to Happy winning the starting job over Censor. The comments have since been deleted, but the residue from the message has not yet subsided.

Censor’s dad puts himself in the line of fire

Censor’s father, who goes by the name “Papa Censor” on social media, is a passionate supporter of his son. While this is usually a good thing, sometimes the passion to see his son succeed gets in the way of common sense.

Earlier today, Papa Censor posted a picture to Instagram with a description calling out each New York Subliners player. He also nicknamed the Subliners the “Friends Team,” insinuating that roster moves were based on bias and not skill.

New York Subliners Papa Censor CDL

As you can see above, Papa Censor didn’t hold anything back when talking about the team. He called Dillon “Attach” Price a “Lacky” even though Attach has a world championship ring.

Among all of the negative comments about New York’s roster, he goes the opposite route when talking about Censor. Papa Censor obviously feels that Happy didn’t deserve the promotion over his son.

Of course, these words attracted a flock of hate comments and controversy. It can also be assumed that the Subliners advised Censor to talk his father into taking the post down, which eventually happened. A few hours later, a typical apology video was posted.


The New York Subliners play this weekend in Los Angeles for the fourth CDL event. So, we’ll get to see if the Subliners made the right call in choosing Happy over Censor.

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