New York Subliners dominate Seattle Surge to continue winning stretch
New York Subliners
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New York Subliners dominate Seattle Surge to continue winning stretch

NYSL are turning up at the right time

The New York Subliners know what’s at stake, and they are performing at their highest level of the season yet; the Subliners played their third match of the CDL Major IV qualifiers today against the defending champion, Seattle Surge. New York is 2-0 thus far in the qualifiers but this was their toughest test by far. Knowing their hopes of making Champs were on the line, the New York Subliners came through with a monumental win, defeating the Surge by a score of 3-1 .

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Coming into today, the Subliners had 90 CDL Points, putting them in 11th place, just in front of the 2-win Paris Legion. However, the teams in front of them, Florida and Minnesota, have been sputtering as of late. Each of them only has 120 CDL Points, meaning New York could theoretically tie each of them before Major IV begins. In order to make the CDL Champs bracket, teams need to be in the top eight of the standings. If the Subliners can continue to win matches in the qualifiers and then have a solid run at Major IV, they could find themselves in the Champs bracket against all odds.

Matthew “Kismet” Tinsley and Paul “PaulEhx” Avila had huge games for the Subliners. Kismet went off for 34 kills and a 1.70 KD on map one Bocage Hardpoint while PaulEhx racked up eight kills and only one death on map two Desert Siege Search and Destroy. New York dominated both maps, especially the S&D. Seattle’s submachine gun stars Amer “Pred” Zulbeari and Daunte “Sib” Gray couldn’t get much going on either map, which usually means Seattle will have a hard time winning.

The Control is where things got dicey in the match; the map went back and forth as neither team was able to win an attacking round. This led to a round five where the Surge were on the attack; Seattle was able to win it with some solid kills and Pred’s 40-bomb down the stretch.

Unfortunately for Seattle, the rebound in Control wasn’t enough to get the match to a map five. New York took the map four Hardpoint on Berlin to capture the win. While the Hardpoint was back and forth the entire way, the Surge’s inability to hold P1 eventually did them in. Every member of New York contributed to the Hardpoint win, but Ian “Crimsix” Porter had some key kills throughout the map.

The Surge certainly don’t look anywhere near as strong as they did in Major III; meanwhile, the NYSL look like contenders for Major IV’s crown. New York could continue to prove that if they manage to defeat OpTic Texas tomorrow.

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