New Valorant map named 'Ascent' leaked by data-miners
Valorant leaked Ascent map riot games
Image via Riot Games

New Valorant map named ‘Ascent’ leaked by data-miners

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So far, we’ve seen a total of three maps for Valorant: Haven, Split, and Bind. All three have been made available during the Closed Beta, with players having mixed feelings towards each of them. Luckily for those who aren’t big fans of the current pool, Riot Games has stated that another map is coming at launch. The developers didn’t disclose this map’s name or provide any description, so officially, we’re in the dark. However, a leak has surfaced that suggests it is called ‘Ascent’.

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Valorant’s Ascent map

Ever since the Closed Beta for Valorant went live, data-miners have been nosing around the game files. While there hasn’t been a huge amount of information, we have gained intel on some future content that Riot Games is planning.

Though we can’t trust everything data-miners leak, there’s precedent for the information being correct. For example, Valorant‘s tenth Agent, Raze, was leaked ahead of any official announcement. So, take the leaks with a grain of salt, but also keep in mind that there’s reason to believe what data-miners divulge.

In regards to the most recent leak, a data-miner on Reddit discovered evidence for a new map in Valorant. Supposedly named ‘Ascent’, this map pulls inspiration from Venetian architecture, as the files mention canals and gondolas. Below, you can see some assets for this map along with its layout courtesy of Reddit user UlfricTheThird.

Valorant Ascent map leak
Image via u/UlfricTheThird
Image via u/UlfricTheThird

Ascent looks to be a medium-sized map with two bombsites. We can also see that the middle of it is quite convoluted, which could make for some interesting offensive rushes. In terms of the actual imagery of Ascent, we can’t be too sure at the moment.

However, the official Valorant Twitter did release a video in early March that showcases a map with a canal.

Obviously, this is not one of three maps available in the Closed Beta. While we can’t be sure it’s Ascent, it’s very likely that this video was a teaser for the leaked map. Presumably, Riot Games is waiting to unveil Ascent until the full release, but things could change in the coming weeks.

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