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Riot Games introduced a new League of Legends theme in the recent Anime Expo Lite stream. The panel, “History of Skin Thematics in LoL,” included teasers on the upcoming anime-inspired skins along with a Q&A session. Viewers that watched the panel enjoyed a sneak peek of the upcoming Spirit Blossom skin line and more.

Plenty of Rioters took part in Saturday’s stream, giving their thoughts on the new Spirit Blossom skin line. Riot had vaguely teased the new theme in previous months, hinting it has plenty of content for this summer.

Adapting anime-inspired themes

The panel discussed its upcoming project with the new theme, and Lead Producer of Skins Chris Giffoni revealed some new details on the event. “We are working on a new anime-inspired skin line for all of you, and it is called Spirit Blossom.” He continued by saying there will be more information revealed on July 7. There was also an image of a dream-like location, featuring a figure walking on a giant tree branch behind an animal. Viewers on Reddit mentioned the scene reminded them of the Elderwood skin line.

Additionally, Giffoni mentioned the skin line will be “at the scale of Star Guardian.” This indicates the event will have plenty of effort involved, making it one of the games’ biggest themes. Additionally, this would be the second anime-inspired skin line, with Star Guardian being the first. At the end of the panel session, the Rioters reveal the Spirit Blossom logo, an image of a lotus blossom.


There may be some ties between the new Spirit Blossom theme and Ionia region Zhyun. The mountainous island is home to various champions such as Jhin, Riven, Xin Zhao, and Yasuo. Additionally, there is the annual Blossom Festival held in the Zhyun highlands. This festival celebrates the Spirit Blossom artists while giving respect to their fallen.

These details may indicate which champions will receive the skins. In a recent leak by Twitter user “olcomrade”, they reveal details on Ionia’s Spirit Blossom event within the game’s code. The mention of “honor” hints that Yasuo may be one to receive the skin since it’s an important part of his personality.

Until July 7, we won’t know other details about the Spirit Blosson skin line. But still, this should all prove more than enough to get some speculation going. Stick with Daily Esports for more League of Legends updates.

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