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New skins are going to be coming to League of Legends, and they are going to be added to the ‘Project’ series. A tweet made by the official League of Legends Twitter account contains a video and the caption, “We can’t control the monsters we create…”

Which champions are getting new skins?

Although the post from @LeagueOfLegends did not contain any specific information, there are three distinct effects in the video. This likely means at least three champions will receive new skins. The caption with the video also hints towards these champions being of becoming “monsters.”

A comment made on the post by another Twitter user suggests that at least two of the champions are Jinx and Pyke. Their comment includes a picture of Twitch streamer ElmilloR accessing the League of Legends partner discord. The messages in the chat specifically mention Pyke and Jinx in a conversation with Riot Kails. There is nothing to show if these are the only two champions getting the new ‘Project’ skins, or if there are more.

Screenshot from ElmilloR’s live stream on Twitch.tv

When will they be available?

League of Legends has Patch 9.14 coming likely within the next few days. However, the skins are not guaranteed for this patch. The announcement for these skins only came yesterday (July 13), after all. If the aesthetic team at Riot Games has been working on these skins for a little while, then yes, you can probably expect to see them in the store when Patch 9.14 hits the live servers. But if the skins have only recently begun development, it may take a while longer. Even so, if not 9.14, they will very likely become available with the next patch.

Unfortunately, there is no hint on the post from @LeagueOfLegends to suggest which patch contains the new skins.

Credit: Riot Games

There are 12 other champions in the ‘Project’ skin series, and now there will be some new additions. Previous champions in ‘Project’ skin series: Vi, Jhin, Ashe, Yasuo, Master Yi, Lucian, Vayne, Zed, Leona, Ekko, Fiora, and Katarina. Be sure to complete your ‘Project’ collection when these new skins become available in the store!

Update: Check out the trailer!

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