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After Blizzard nerfed shield tanks, certain damage Heroes have been dominating in Overwatch. Overwatch‘s newest update hopes to change that and is live on PC and console. It includes notable changes to damage and healer Heroes. Here are the changes and how they might impact the game.

Overwatch nerfs damage Heroes

  • Ashe – Without shield tanks protecting their teammates, Ashe can do a lot of damage safely. Her ammo is going from 15 to 12 and her damage while aiming down sights is going from 85 to 80.
  • Junkrat – Now that shields are weaker, Heroes like Junkrat break them very quickly. His primary fire impact damage is going from 50-40, bringing the maximum damage from his grenades from 130 to 120.
  • McCree – McCree’s primary fire recovery time is getting an increase from .42 to .50 seconds. This will slow his shots down and drop his overall damage per second.
  • Pharah – Pharah’s primary fire recovery time is also going up. Her’s is going from .75 to .85 seconds.
  • Symmetra – Symmetra’s secondary fire is getting a slight nerf, going from 140 maximum damage to 120.
  • Widowmaker – Widowmaker’s ammo is increasing from 30 to 35, but the cost of her scoped shots is increasing from 3 to 5. Her scoped shots now will have up to 50% damage fall off from 60-85 meters.

Healer nerfs

  • Ana – Ana’s ammo is going from 14 to 12.
  • Baptiste – Baptiste is losing two ammo from his secondary fire. His Regenerative burst healing is going from 150 to 75 but it will now heal him for double.
  • Moira – Moira’s healing per second from her primary fire is going from 65 to 70  but the lingering heal is dropping by two seconds. Her resource consumption rate is going up by 27% as well. In addition to this, her alternate fire attach angle is reduced by 37%. To compensate for this, she will recharge her resource 50% faster.

The nerfs to damage Heroes should help slow the game down now that shield tanks offer less cover. The Healer nerfs should allow for other options at the role, like Mercy, Lucio, and Zenyatta. Overall, these changes likely won’t have an immediate impact on the meta, but could definitely impact Overwatch in the future, especially once Roadhog gets a nerf.

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