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With yesterday’s Season 2 update, we received some interesting news for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Once the patch released, a new Classified tab appeared on the main menu. However, shortly after, we saw leaks for a new battle royale mode, which is named Call of Duty: Warzone.

Leaks suggest that this mode will be free-to-play and feature a huge player count for each match. Although, those aren’t the only leaks that have been coming in. According to a popular data-miner, the mode could release as early as tonight.

Warzone to release tonight in Modern Warfare?

While this may have seemed like a longshot yesterday, some strange things have been happing in Modern Warfare today. Throughout the day, players have been posting clips of Warzone accidentally appearing for them in-game. This includes the main lobby for battle royale as well as the create-a-class slots.


Data-miner TheGamingRevolution was the first to have the scoop on battle royale over six months ago. However, he’s now receiving constant leaks from his source regarding the mode. This includes details on challenges, the training description, and information on create-a-class.



With this much information coming in, it’s clear that Warzone is near completion, if not already completed. As Warzone is starting to appear for some players, suspicion is growing that the mode will be released soon. Although, according to TheGamingRevolution, that could be tonight.


If it releases tonight, Infinity Ward would be following Respawn Entertainment’s marketing strategy. Their game, Apex Legends, dropped out of nowhere last February. However, this didn’t stop the battle royale from achieving massive success.

If Warzone doesn’t come out tonight, it seems likely that we’ll see it later in the week. That said, we should get some official updates soon one way or the other.

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