League of Legends updates will make it easier for players to surrender
League of Legends surrender

New League of Legends updates makes it easier for players to surrender games

This article is over 3 years old and may contain outdated information

Riot Games is rolling out some new League of Legends changes soon that will make the player experience more bearable. After some analyzing the results from the previous behavioral system changes, Riot has some updates for the next few patches. These improvements include making surrendering easier and accurately punishing AFK players.

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Riot Games Product Lead Cody “Riot Codebear” Germain shared some information gathered from previous updates. Back on July 31, he shared an outline describing specific areas around disruptive behavior and how they plan to work through it. The developer’s team goals were to focus on intent-to-lose actions and players that leave or going idle in-game. These behaviors negatively impact the player’s experience, and they hoped to minimize these bad habits.

League of Legends AFKs and easier surrenders

In the newest update, Codebear shares that while the team did gather valuable information, there’s still plenty left to be done. Although they attempted to punish AFKs and leavers, they did not entirely fix the problem. The overall test to punish AFKs succeeded in a specific region, but it’s not clear if the results will follow through to other areas. At the same time, the team did not receive the results they wanted when it came to intent-to-lose behaviors. Because of this, they’ll be using the information gathered to make some changes in the next version of updates.

To help improve the player experience, Riot will make it easier for players to surrender a game if there’s an AFK on their team. These kinds of games will allow players to surrender earlier than usual (currently it’s at a fifteen-minute mark). Moreover, the League of Legends surrender cooldown will be refreshed once an AFK is detected, allowing players to immediately surrender if they choose to. This will prevent the game from going on, while the team struggles to properly play the game.

These changes will roll out by patch 10.22.

Minimizing LP loss

Additionally, the team is looking to minimize LP loss when it comes to bad games. “We think that it sucks to have a hard-fought ranked game ruined by an AFK player totally tank your LP,” Codebear stated. He shares that the team will make it so that teams lose a small amount of LP if faced with an AFK. To make it fair, they will also take into account how the games were going before the AFK took place, and how often it’s been happening. They also emphasize that bullying someone into AFKing won’t save them from an LP hit. These changes will roll out by patch 10.24

Let us know about your experience with AFKs and griefers in the comment section below. What do you think should be done, and what feedback do you have for Riot?

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