New League of Legends Masterwork Chest rewards explained
Masterwork Chest rewards in League of Legends

New League of Legends Masterwork Chest rewards explained

Earn 30 Mythic Essence and three random skin shards by opening enough chests

In the latest League of Legends patch, Riot Games started to roll out some of the changes discussed during the Season 2022 live stream back in January. With the arrival of the new Mythic Essence and a new Anima Squad event, the Masterwork Chest rewards also got an overhaul.

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Players might have seen something new in the loot section of their account — a gold star in the top right corner highlighting the Masterwork Chest icon and showing the system as changed. While Masterwork Chests still cost and function the same, they now have additional value. As sort of a new “pity break” system, players will now earn additional rewards based on the number of Masterwork Chests they open.

Here is a breakdown of what rewards players can earn and how.

The reward path

The new Masterwork Chest reward path is a repeating track that will reset every time a player opens 25 Masterwork Chests. After certain intervals, players will automatically receive additional rewards along the way. For example, once a player opens five Masterwork Chests on the rewards track, they will also get a free random Skin Shard as well as five Mythic Essence. And once players open 15 chests, they will receive an additional five Mythic Essence, another random Skin Shard — and one is guaranteed to contain a skin that costs at least 975 RP.

Finally, at the 25 Masterwork Chest interval, players will receive 10 Mythic Essence and, as a final reward for making it 25 chests, a random Skin Shard that contains a skin worth at least 1350 RP or more.

For completing the rewards track, players will receive, in total, 30 Mythic Essence and three random skin shards. Once these rewards are claimed, the track starts over and players can do the same exact thing to earn the rewards infinitely. Finally, here is a breakdown of exactly what it rewarded at each interval:

  • Five Chests: five Mythic Essence and a random skin shard.
  • 10 Chests: five Mythic Essence.
  • 15 Chests: five Mythic Essence and a 975RP+ random skin shard.
  • 20 Chests: five Mythic Essence.
  • 25 Chests: 10 Mythic Essence and a 1350RP+ random skin shard.
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