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League of Legends’ new Marksman champion, Zeri,  The Spark of Zaun, was officially revealed on Thursday after a leak surfaced a couple of days ago.

Zeri has caught the attention of League of Legends fans everywhere over the past couple of days after her leak surfaced on social media. Many fans quickly drew comparisons between Zeri and the new VALORANT agent Neon. That’s because both of them have electric powers and similar hairstyles. The English voice actor for Zeri also happens to be the same voice actor for Neon.  There is no hard release date for Zeri yet.  However, it’s likely that she will hit the Public Beta Environment in the coming days.

First glimpse at Zeri’s abilities in-game

In a two-minute cinematic trailer, fans got a chance to see Zeri move around for the first time. The lightning-powered champion starts off the trailer fighting some thugs in an alley. Soon after it transitions into game footage. In the footage, Zeri immediately shoots some sort of projectile that looked similar to Jinx’s “Zap!”. But it’s what happens next that has fans ecstatic. After all, the champion was designed by August “August” Browning who is known for designing other unique champions like Jinx, Ekko and Jhin.

The caption of the social media post made by the official League of Legends Twitter account stated: “Lightning always strikes twice. Or three to seven times.” That’s because it appears that Zeri’s auto attacks are not exactly basic. In the trailer whenever Zeri auto-attacks, she shoots out a number of bullets instead of one consistent shot out of her gun. The social media post may be referencing that her auto-attacks shoot a random number of bullets from three to seven.

Later in the trailer, Zeri dashes away from an enemy Urgot, confirming that the new ADC has an escape tool that has been more and more common in newer champions in League of Legends. But her dash may not be her only way to close the gap.

Just seconds later, Zeri dashes through the large wall near bot-lane. The dash radius is massive and is similar to how Zoe’s “Sleepy Trouble Bubble” travels through terrain.

Finally, Zeri turns it around in a large team fight in the middle lane. She shouts out “Let’s make sure we go out with a boom” before firing off a large radius AoE static shock that seems to empower her next attacks with increased static electricity for a duration.

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