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Cypher has had as many bugs as an agent can over the course of VALORANT. His Cypher Cam has been able to shoot a gun and still be placed outside the map on some surfaces. Now, there is a new bug where the camera can float in mid-air. This Cypher Cam bug may be the most broken of them all as the agent can gain information for his team from seemingly anywhere.

To place the ability in the air, first throw out Cyphers other utility, Cyber Cage. Place it either above the agent or out in the air and toss the ability. Once thrown, activate your Cypher Cam and aim it at the cage. The ability will turn blue once players can place that camera on the Cyber Cage. If done right, the camera should float in the air and the agent should be able to pick up the Cyber Cage. The bug was popularized by Level Up Gaming’s Brian Hudi.

Cypher Cam bug uses

Before this exploit is fixed by Riot Games, players may want to abuse this new technique for ranked wins. Cypher Cam is a strong piece of utility in its own right but the ability to put it almost anywhere makes it invaluable. The first and most obvious use of the bug is to place it as high as possible at a bomb site. For example, the A bomb site on Haven. Throw the Cyber Cage from the heaven window and try to place the camera as high as possible. Now, the agent should be able to see most of the site and possibly more of the connecting areas.

Another use would be for cheeky flank cameras on attack. Cypher is mostly used on attack to cover the flank or take map control away from the defenders with his Trapwire and Cypher Cam. By using this exploit, players can set up cameras in unexpected spots that can spot enemies lurking on their flank.


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