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Riot Games is hyping up League of Legends fans with an all-new cinematic. The trailer’s song, titled “Warriors,” is a re-imagined version of the 2014 World Championship track. Previously performed by Imagine Dragons, this cover is a more orchestral version of the song. Along with colorful CGI and exciting scenes, this may just be one of Riot’s best cinematics yet.

Warriors under attack

For “Warriors,” viewers watch three different storylines unfold as battles between champions take place. The first scene shows Demacia under attack while Garen reaches out for Lux, then gets attacked from behind. As the video continues, we later learn that this enemy is Sylas. This connects back to his official lore, where “he might return to Demacia and demolish the oppressive system that has made him and his fellow mages suffer for so long.”

As Lux reaches out to help Garen fight against Sylas’ army, she releases a beam of light from her wand. In the end, we see Galio coming to the rescue as the cinematic closes in on her determined face.

The second storyline follows Urgot, Vi, and Caitlin. Oddly enough, Singed is not officially seen here, though there is a group of industrial workers who look like him. As fans know, Cailtin and Vi are originally from Piltover. Similarly, Singed and Urgot are from Zaun. Following the lore, it is said that Urgot was enslaved by Piltover – and viewers can see these industrial workers are ready to rescue him. As Caitlin and Vi set out to attack this group, one worker runs to Urgot and releases him. A tough battle ensues, with Urgot triggering his weapon and blasting away both girls.

The third scene is less fighting, more running. We see Ezreal seeking to steal the Tear of the Goddess. As he successfully grabs the item, he runs away only to find a herd of Voidlings following and looking to attack him. The scene cuts to Kai’Sa, who surprisingly jumps in to save Ezreal.

A new League of Legends season ahead

As Riot Games loves to keep their fans at the edge of their seats, they also released another teaser earlier this week. Fans should prepare for new skins, thematics, new champions, the launch of Clash, and much more. And don’t forget the highly anticipated new LCS format, which will be a major game-changer for Worlds 2020.

As the video unfolds, fans can see their favorite League of Legends champions in HD, fighting it out in different regions. This track is now available on Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, and Google Play, so feel free to leave it on repeat while you play on the rift!

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