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Last week was not terribly newsworthy for the NBA 2K League, but the games continue to surprise viewers. Week three gave fans upsets of some of the top teams and major weeks from teams on the edge of playoff positions.

Week four marks the end of the first section of games for the 21 teams. Next week, the league heads to Las Vegas for the first time in its history to host the second tournament of the season, The Turn. 14 games will provide teams with a chance to get final tune-ups before they compete for the prize pool of $180,000 in Vegas.

Each day of week four features matchups that should excite NBA 2K League fans. On Wednesday, NetsGC and Hawks Talon GC face off in a battle of 2019 expansion teams. It will be the second game of the day for Hawks Talon GC. The Atlanta squad opens week four’s schedule versus undefeated Mavs Gaming at 6:00 PM ET.

NBA 2K League Power Rankings

Week three provided a shakeup in the power rankings, as many teams had either a 2-0 or a 0-2 week. This week’s rankings see a new top team for the first time this year, as well as new faces in the top 10. The biggest movers include Mavs Gaming, riding a five-game win streak, and a surprising Kings Guard Gaming squad.

1. Pacers Gaming (0-0 in week three, 3-0 overall)

Pacers Gaming did not play last week, but it benefits from the 76ers GC upset loss to Kings Guard Gaming to move into the top spot. It will be challenged in its lone game of the week against a Magic Gaming crew that went 2-0 last week.

2. 76ers GC (1-1 , 2-1)

As mentioned above, it was a shocking loss for 76ers GC against Kings Guard Gaming. It was tight throughout the whole game, but Philadelphia’s team just could not close it out. In their other game of the week, 76ers GC dismantled a Celtics Crossover Gaming squad that was missing Albano “oFab” Thomallari due to suspension.

3. Bucks Gaming (0-0, 3-1)

Another top team that had off in week three. Bucks Gaming has two games this week. As long as its star Aaron “Arooks” Rookwood continues to show up, the Bucks have to be a favorite heading into The Turn.

4. Blazer5 Gaming (2-0, 4-1)

Blazer5 Gaming took its disappointing start to the season and turned it into a four-game winning streak. The Portland squad seems to have things offensively figured out, but defense is a different story. For a team known for its defensive skill, Blazer5 Gaming looks uncharacteristic right now.

5. Warriors Gaming Squad (0-0, 2-1)

Warriors Gaming Squad has a great chance to go 4-1 into The Turn. The Warriors face two below average teams this week, with Wizards District Gaming on Thursday and Jazz Gaming on Friday. There are questions surrounding this team, but there is no question a 4-1 record solidifies Warriors Gaming Squad as a playoff contender.

Artreyo "Dimez" Boyd during regular season competitions. Helping Mavs Gaming to jump in the NBA 2K League Power Rankings
Artreyo “Dimez” Boyd during regular season competitions. (Image via NBA 2K League)

6. Mavs Gaming (2-0, 5-0)

The scary thing about Mavs Gaming right now, it can win without its star Artreyo “Dimez” Boyd having an impactful game. The Dallas squad is the first team to five wins, and it’s on pace to lead the NBA 2K League heading into next week’s tournament. However, do not put too much faith in Mavs Gaming’s early success. Looking back through its schedule, Mavs Gaming has not played the toughest of opponents.

7. Heat Check Gaming (1-1, 3-2)

Heat Check Gaming fans are wondering what happened to the spread of scoring they are used to with this team. Against Lakers Gaming, the Miami team just squeezed out a win and then failed to secure a perfect week versus Mavs Gaming. Heat Check Gaming has time to figure things out, though, as it has the week off for week four.

8. Magic Gaming (2-0, 2-2)

Magic Gaming may be inconsistent, but that does not take away from the impressive week three it had. Holding off Knicks Gaming and beating T-Wolves Gaming by double digits has Magic Gaming moving back into the top half of the NBA 2K League.

9. Knicks Gaming (1-1, 1-2)

Knicks Gaming had fans believing that it had its issues solved. The team came out strong against Magic Gaming but failed to close the game again. Knicks Gaming finally got into the win column versus Pistons GT, outscoring them 37-19 in the second half. Dayvon “G O O F Y 7 5 7” Curry had a historic week of rebounding (33 boards in two games) that collected him the Player of the Week. More of this and fans will start seeing Knicks Gaming back in the playoff discussions.

10. NetsGC (0-2, 2-2)

It was a tough call between NetsGC and T-Wolves Gaming as to who would stay in the top 10. The determining factor was how NetsGC hung with Blazer5 Gaming last week. The seven-point loss does not show how close NetsGC was to upsetting Blazer5 Gaming. NetsGC has a chance to bounce back this week against two middle of the pack teams.

The remaining teams rank as follows:

11. T-Wolves Gaming (0-2, 1-3)
12. Kings Guard Gaming (2-0, 4-2)
13. Celtics Crossover Gaming (0-2, 0-3)
14. Hawks Talon GC (0-0, 2-1)
15. Raptors Uprising GC (2-0, 2-2)
16. Cavs Legion GC (1-1, 3-3)
17. Jazz Gaming (0-0, 1-2)
18. Pistons GT (0-2, 1-4)
19. Lakers Gaming (0-2, 1-4)
20. Wizards District Gaming (0-0, 0-3)
21. Grizz Gaming (0-0, 0-3)

Stay tuned for more power rankings, and let us know if you have some strong opinions about them!

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