Overwatch League commissioner leaving Blizzard for new opportunity

Overwatch League commissioner leaving Blizzard for new opportunity

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Since its inaugural season in 2018, the Overwatch League has become one of the most popular esports out there. For anything to be successful, there has to be a disciplined team behind it to make it work. However, on May 24, OWL Commissioner Nate Nanzer announced that he would be leaving Blizzard to pursue a new opportunity.

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Nanzer has been in charge of the league’s day-to-day operations and making sure things run smoothly. He explained it was a difficult decision to make because of the people he would be leaving behind. However, he is also proud to have been part of the team to build it and what it has become.

What does this mean for the League?

As for Nanzer’s replacement, the Overwatch League has confirmed who would be taking over. It is the current president and CEO of Activision Blizzard Esports Leagues, Pete Vlastelica. Vlastelica will assume these responsibilities effective immediately.

As for what this means for the Overwatch League, Nanzer stated in his tweets that he is “confident that the league is in great hands.” Additionally, he believes that while he gets too much credit for its success, it has always been about the fans. In the replies, there was an outpouring of love and support from players, staff, and fans alike. There were also many people who thanked him for all that he has done and wished him luck on his new venture in the esports industry.

As for where Nanzer is going next? Well, it’s been revealed that the former OWL commissioner will take a new position at Epic Games, where he hopes to expand their esports endeavors for their popular battle royale game Fortnite. The first big event for that title is the Fortnite World Cup, and with Nanzer’s past experience in the field, Epic has no doubt made a good hire to help ensure that it will be a success.