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Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at Rona Rumble: East Coast V on May 30. The very next day, he won Melee Singles at Rona Rumble: Midwest II. As a result, n0ne won three consecutive netplay tournaments in the span of a week.

To start his run, n0ne earned 2-0 victories over both Kodey “LuigigoShard” Kearney and Omar “Heartstrings” Rifai. Then in Winners Quarters, he beat Jacob “Khyrke” Gilbert 3-1. However, following these predictable victories, n0ne suffered an upset loss at the hands of Rosario “Darktooth” Fuschetto.

In the losers bracket, n0ne earned a string of 3-1 wins to get into Grand Finals. He defeated Heartstrings again, in addition to eliminating Kalindi “KJH” Henderson and Toussaint “2saint” Turnier. In Grand Finals, n0ne beat Darktooth 3-0 in set one and 3-2 in set two. As a result, he added Rona Rumble: East Coast V to his list of online tournament victories.

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Prior to this event, Darktooth hadn’t entered a Melee tournament of any kind in over nine months. Despite this, he pulled off a shocking run to 2nd place at Rona Rumble: East Coast V. Along the way, Darktooth defeated Dylan “Dawson” Dougherty, “bobby big ballz”, KJH, n0ne, and 2saint.

After placing well at every previous tournament he had entered, “DontTestMe” faltered a bit at Rona Rumble: East Coast V. Zain Naghmi placed 17th, his Roy’s lowest placement at an online Melee tournament. Along the way, he was upset by Matt “bambi” Deslatte and Sumeet “Mahone” G.

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Jeffery “billybopeep” Palmer earned a repeat victory at Rona Rumble: Mid-South II on May 30. In the process, he defeated Jon “Jonjon” A. and Steven “Blues Clues” Joseph. As the only top-100 player to enter a Mid-South bracket thus far, billybopeep will likely remain the favorite to win throughout the tournament series.

As previously mentioned, n0ne won Rona Rumble: Midwest II on May 31. Unlike Rona Rumble: East Coast V, n0ne did not drop a set at the Midwest event. He won sets over Anthony “Preeminent” Braun, Ben Strandmark, Matt “Polish” Warshaw, and KJH.

Polish also had an impressive run at Midwest II. There, he placed 2nd as the fourth seed. Along the way, Polish beat Jake “100 Grand” Peterson, Anees “Free Palestine” Assaf, Avery “Ginger” Wilson, and KJH. Meanwhile, both of his losses were to the tournament’s champion, n0ne.

Finally, Colin “Colbol” Green won Rona Rumble: Southeast II on May 31. During his run, Colbol beat Juan “Kuya” Nartatez, Gregory “Captain G” Aguila, Forrest Griffin, and Albert “A Rookie” Suafa. However, he did drop a set to A Rookie in Grand Finals.