MTG reveals new Mystery Booster draft

MTG reveals new Mystery Booster draft

Draft is an exciting and staple format of MTG. Being able to crack packs and build the deck you’ll use makes for fun and varying gameplay. However, after a few drafts of the same set, the meta can get solved. This leads to stale games and makes it more akin to constructed formats. Players have implemented “chaos” draft formats in the past to get around this. Chaos drafts usually have a mix of cards to help break up some of the staleness. Mystery Booster draft looks to do something similar, with an impressive card pool of 1,694 cards from across Magic‘s history.

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Mystery Booster

Each unique Mystery Booster draft pack will have 15 cards. 14 of these will be from the 1,694 card pool mentioned earlier (you can see the full list here). The fifteenth card will be from a special foil sheet of 121 cards and will be unique. These cards will all be special in some way, according to Wizards of the Coast.

With such a massive card pool, it will be possible to not see the same card twice in an eight-person draft, leading to huge variance and exciting gameplay. Reprinted cards will have their original set symbols and set numbers. However, they will have a planeswalker symbol in the bottom left corner of the card, indicating their status as reprints for this set.

MTG Mystery Booster Archangel

The Mystery Booster set will be available at MagicFest conventions starting on Dec 6, and it will remain exclusive to them for a while. An in-store version will be available for purchase starting Mar 13. This is most likely to encourage convention attendance while subtly reprinting some expensive cards (such as the Theros gods).

What do you think of the new Mystery Booster draft? Do you plan on going to a MagicFest convention to try it out, or will you wait until it’s released in March? Let us know down in the comments below! And stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Magic: The Gathering news.