MSI 2022 rumble stage Day 5 review: End of rumble stage
MSI 2022

MSI 2022 rumble stage Day 5 review: End of rumble stage

What is worse — losing to EU six times in a row or losing three out of four games to wildcard regions?

The final day of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational rumble stage featured some exciting results and some sobering ones. But even though the four teams moving on were the expected ones, the way they got there was wild. Here is a recap of all the best moments from Day 5 of the MSI 2022 rumble stage.

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Player of the day: EG Impact

You know, the award was going to go to the best performing member on the only team who managed to go 2-0 on the last day of the MSI 2022 Rumble stage. However, both of T1’s games meant nothing. But when it came to players on teams fighting for their MSI 2022 lives, Evil Geniuses’ Jeong “Impact” Eon-young showed up when it matted the most.

One of the unsung heroes of this scrappy EG squad, Impact played at his peak on the last day of the rumble stage. In the game that secured them a spot in the knockout stage, Impact went 5/0/9 on Gangplank. Then, in a loss that meant basically outside of EG’s one-sided rivalry with G2, Impact played well on Kennen, too.

Most memorable moment: Bye Bye, Buffalo

In the region’s first appearance internationally since 2019, the Vietnam Championship Series stole the hearts of fans everywhere with their crazy drafts, fun playstyle and (even when their were eliminated) crazy upsets. Saigon Buffalo put on a show at MSI 2022 and many look forward to seeing the region later this year at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship.

Best quote: Pay no attention to EU

Yeah, hold up. It is true that NA has gone 0-6 against the EU at this tournament, but don’t let the EU fans off the hook. Their team was practically begging for help after they lost yet another embarrassing game to another wild card region. EG took a huge L against G2 at this tournament, but EU needs to hold that dub silently because at least NA didn’t lose to PSG and SGB.

Best clip: Impact gives none

In EG’s stomp against PSG in the game that would effectively decide who would move on at MSI 2022, Impact, who was massive at that point in the game, showed that he is even more of a Chad than he let on. The dude saw his team doing Baron and needed a tank and did not think twice about burning his five-minute cooldown on Flash to get over the wall and help his team secure the objective. EG might not be the best team but they are definitely the coolest.

What’s next at MSI 2022

MSI 2022 will be going on a break for a couple of days but will return on Friday with the first of two semifinal matches. That match will start at 4 a.m. ET.

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