MSI 2022 Day 4 review: It's rewind time
MSI 2022 Day 4

MSI 2022 Day 4 review: It’s rewind time

RNG's Day 4 was a lot like their Day 3 for some reason

Although it might look like it, the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational Day 4 recap isn’t actually a repost of yesterday. Thanks to the late news of RNG having to replay their first three group stage games all over again, Group B’s second round-robin looked a lot like the first one. Although some of the results changed (namely PSG Talon actually showing up), RNG’s games looked scarily similar. Here is the Day 4 MSI 2022 recap — also known as Day 3, part two.

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Player of the day: RNG GALA (2)

You are not going to believe this. Royal Never Give Up’s Chen “GALA” Wei got his Pentakill yesterday against RED Canids, but Riot Games erased the game from the record books due to a latency discrepancy that forced the League of Legends Pro League representatives to replay their first round robin. But then in RNG’s “first” game of their round-robin against RED Canids on Day 4, GALA picked up another Pentakill. Although he didn’t do it on the same champion, GALA used his signature Kai’Sa to play even better than he did yesterday. This bot laner is special.

Most memorable moment: GALA pentakill

If you look real close, you can see this actually isn’t a repost of yesterday’s top moment. I think the Kai’Sa gives it away.

Best quote: Who is the best Spiderman?

In an attempt to compare GALA’s two Penta kills at MSI 2022 so far, Trevor “Quickshot” Henry set up a comparison by asking his co-hosts about the best Spiderman during the MSI cooldown show. Quickshot said the first Pentakill on Lucian is like Tobey Maguire and the second one is Andrew Garfield. Although both Pentakills were impressive, Tobey Maguire IS the best Spiderman. But Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain makes a fantastic point.

Best clip: Wei steals Baron

RNG did have a minor scare during the last game of Day 4. PSG Talon actually looked great against the reigning MSI champions and, for a little while, PSG Talon looked like they were going to win. It seemed like PSG had everything going for them, but RNG is simply too good.

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