MSI 2022 Day 1 review: Expected results, unexpected comps
caPs after winning on Day 1 of MSI 2022

MSI 2022 Day 1 review: Expected results, unexpected comps

Vi from Arcane and NA in pain

The opening of 2022 Mid-Season Invitational has come and gone with all 11 teams getting a chance to play. Although the results of each game were mostly expected, a lot of moments already stood out as tournament highlights on Day 1 of MSI 2022.

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Player of the day: G2 caPs

G2 Esports had a very successful first day at MSI 2022, and a big part of their success came from the incredible play by their mid laner, Rasmus “caPs” Winther. With his dad in attendance, caPs used the family buff to his advantage.

In G2’s first match against ORDER, caPs bullied his opponents on Zoe by hitting every single Sleepy Trouble Bubble, which led to many kills and a quick G2 victory. But caPs really shined in their match against Evil Geniuses, showing confidence by locking in Anivia despite not playing the champion professionally in five years. His Anivia was the difference-maker in the game, as caPs went deathless and G2 picked up the first strike in this iteration of the Europe versus North America rivalry.

Most memorable moments: The crazy champion picks

On the international stage, many teams head into the event with meta compositions and picks well-practiced. But at the same time, teams always have wild cards up their sleeves — and some showed their hands early.

T1 started off-meta champion picks with Vi, who hasn’t been meta in more than five years. Then G2 decided to one-up T1 by picking another champion who hasn’t been meta forever with Anivia.

But those weren’t the only crazy picks. Karthus jungle showed up twice, Pyke was picked once and Wukong has emerged as a popular jungler seemingly out of nowhere. The best part of all these picks, though is that it’s only Day 1. The rest of the tournament is sure to have plenty of spice in store.

Best quote: G2’s Fun Fact

It wouldn’t be an NA vs EU rivalry without the classic banter between regions. Even the teams got in on it this time as the official G2 Esports Twitter account showed social media smack talk isn’t just for the fans.

G2 were on point in their first match against Evil Geniuses, and after they smacked EG, the team took to social media to share a very fun fact. Although obvious, G2 informed the world that EG have, in fact, not won a single game at MSI in the organization’s history.

Granted, EG have only played a single game. It’s very likely the fun fact has a short life span, but EG can only lick their wounds until their next game on Wednesday. But fear not, NA fans — EG still have three more games against G2 in the group stage. That’s plenty of time to take revenge.

Best clip: Shogun takes a swing at the LCK kings

Although the result of the game itself didn’t go Saigon Buffalo’s way, the Vietnam Championship Series reps showed they mean business at their first international tournament in three years. With SGB taking on what many consider the best bot lane in the world, bot laner Nguyễn “Shogun” Văn Huy showed he was not scared to challenge T1’s Ryu “Keria” Min-seok and Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong.

With a level one bush set-up, Shogun and support Đinh “Taki” Anh Tài took full advantage of their champion picks to draw the first kill of the entire tournament before either team had time to take a single minion. The kill set the tone for an already crazy tournament.

What’s next at MSI 2022?

Day 2 of MSI 2022 kicks off in the early morning of Wednesday, May 11. There will be another six games on the schedule. The marquee matchup of Day 1 happening again in Day 2. The action begins at 4 a.m EST with G2 taking on EG once again. This will be the second of four matches between the teams in Group C. Other important matchups include League of Legends Japan League representatives, DetonatioN FocusMe and League of Legends Vietnam Championship representatives, Saigon Buffalo in the battle for second place in Group A.

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