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DreamHack Open in Tours, France comes to a close following mousesports’ confident win in the CSGO final over Valiance. The best-of-three final came down to only two maps. Mousesports beat Valiance 16-12 on Train before finishing things off 16-11 on Mirage.

The final concluded a three-day tournament that featured the likes of G2, Valiance, AVANGAR, and mousesports among others.

A restructured mousesports lineup, featuring young blood with more experienced team members, had a relatively comfortable road to the final, only stumbling once against Valiance in the group stage. Valiance dealt quickly with mousesports, beating them 16-6 on Dust2 and topping Group A, forcing mousesports to play a best-of-three against Windigo to advance to the playoffs. It could be said that mousesports were out for revenge in the final against Valiance.

The final itself showcased the talent of the young on the mousesports roster. Robin “ropz” Kool, David “frozen” Čerňanský, and Özgür “woxic” Eker were the three highest-rated players (in that order) following the end of both maps, Train and Mirage. Frozen’s 4K on Train showcases the firepower of the young blood pretty well.

While Chris “chrisJ” de Jong had a good performance, Finn “karrigan” Andersen left a lot to be desired. Hopefully, we will see the Norwegian in better form in future matches.

As to Valiance, the team looked helpless at times. Aggressive and accurate plays from mousesports’ youngsters proved to be the key to success in beating Valiance. Despite some stellar plays from Nestor “LETN1” Tanić, such as a 3K on Train on t-side, the team lacked flair and discipline as a whole to overcome their opponents.

Comparing to the previous match on Dust2, where Valiance showed solid dominance, the team performed poorly individually in the final of DreamHack Open Tours. Only Otto “ottoNd” Sihvo attained an average performance. The remaining members had a below-average performance that reflected the result.

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