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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer is now out in the open and that means certain details are beginning to become clearer. While Treyarch did announce a ton of information in its reveal stream, it didn’t go too in-depth with statistics. That’s where Call of Duty YouTubers come into play. Certain creators were invited to the pre-release alpha capture event and were able to gather stats on specific multiplayer aspects. One of the biggest tests performed is in regards to the new title’s time-to-kill (TTK). Here’s what was discovered.

The Black Ops Cold War TTK

With any new Call of Duty game, one of the first questions fans have concerns the time-to-kill. As the name suggests, this statistic deals with how long it takes to kill an enemy in Black Ops Cold War.

Traditionally, this has been a major point of concern for many fans in the community. If the developers make the TTK too quick, enemies can drop you before you know what happened. However, on the other end of the spectrum, if the TTK is too long, it becomes frustrating to kill opponents.

Modern Warfare and Black Ops 4 were on opposite sides of this spectrum. In BO4, the TTK was far too long thanks to the 150 health. Conversely, Modern Warfare was simply too fast and didn’t allow players to escape gunfights.

Well, it seems in Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch has found a sweet spot. While there’s still 150 health, it takes fewer bullets to kill than it did in BO4. Also, there are headshot multiplies in BOCW, making the TTK closer to Modern Warfare’s range. YouTuber XclusiveAce did some extensive testing on this subject and put together the graphic below.

black ops cold war ttk
Image via XclusiveAce

To break the graphic down, it looks like the base TTK in Black Ops Cold War is closer to that of BO4. However, when you include the x1.3-4 headshot multiplier in the game, this TTK is reduced significantly. This seems to be a great balance for the game, but we still don’t know how it plays out in-game. Of course, we’ll find that out when the open beta goes live on October 8.

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