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Infinity Ward has implemented a multitude of new changes to the Call of Duty series with Modern Warfare. The removal of the mini-map, a massive amount of weapon attachments, and a new Create-A-Class are just some examples. However, perhaps their biggest change is coming with one of Call of Duty‘s most unique mechanics, Prestige, which will reportedly be “seasonal” now. New leaks about Prestige have come from established leaker TheGamingRevolution and his inside sources, and since he has been accurately reporting leaks throughout the Modern Warfare news cycle, the information is likely legitimate.

Modern Warfare going seasonal with prestige

The prestige system as we know it is reportedly gone. TGR breaks it all down in his latest YouTube video.

The normal Prestige system is being overhauled for a seasonal system. This will work similarly to Fortnite in that every couple of months, a new season will release and reset the player’s seasonal rank.

However, in Modern Warfare, you still level up 1-55 like in the past. Although, after reaching level 55, you start to progress through seasonal ranks. These seasonal ranks will reset every new season, but once a player makes their way up to level 55, there is no resetting every season. So once you unlock a weapon at level 22, for example, you never have to unlock that weapon again.

Once you reach level 55, you start to earn a seasonal rank. These ranks start at level 56 and progress as high as you can go. In order to help your seasonal rank along, there will be around 100 challenges for players to complete for XP every season.

In terms of the actual seasons, VGSources was able to obtain datamined information relating to each season’s name. Keep in mind — just because something is in the files of the game doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. Developers often use code names for this type of thing, so the names could differ from what was datamined.

Modern Warfare Seasons
Credit to VGSources and TheGamingRevolution

From a leak within the Modern Warfare beta, we know at least “Home Grown Terrorism” is an actual season name. Although, the rest of the names aren’t confirmed in any way.

Other information relating to Modern Warfare

In addition to the news about Prestige, TGR also dropped some information about other multiplayer aspects. According to his sources, each weapon within Modern Warfare will have up to 80 levels to unlock. In the beta, we were capped at only 30 levels. TGR mentions that instead of grinding to Master Prestige, this will be what attracts grinders in Modern Warfare.

Lastly, TGR reports Infinity Ward is already hard at work on the post-launch content for Modern Warfare, which isn’t surprising. While it seems like there’s some content missing at launch, namely maps, at least we have free post-launch content to look forward to.

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