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A new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will go live tomorrow, Jan. 22 at around 1 p.m. EST. According to Infinity Ward, the new update will introduce the Crossbow, a flurry of bug fixes, and five extra loadout slots. This is one of the most substantial updates for the game we’ve seen this year. There’s no word on how big of an update this will be, so make sure you have enough space on your console / PC for the download.

New update arriving in Modern Warfare

The news of Modern Warfare‘s Season 1 being pushed back to February made some fans uneasy. After all, we have been in the first season since early December, so new content is being looked forward to by many.

Although, with the delay, the community was promised some additional content to compensate for the extra time in Season One. Well, it seems Infinity Ward is keeping their promise according to information from community manager Ashton Williams.

While she’s taken some heat for various things unwarranted or otherwise in the past, this announcement was received fairly well. The five extra loadout slots are something fans have been asking for since Modern Warfare‘s launch. However, implementing them was causing some unforeseen bugs, hence the delay until now.

However, the big thing everyone is looking forward to is the Crossbow. This weapon was leaked a while back so we’ve already seen it in action, but we’re now going to get our hands on it. There will be challenges to unlock the Crossbow, so everyone has a fair shake at using it.

Coming along with the new content is a title update that will address bugs, glitches, etc. Included in that list is player collision, which was a nagging issue in Modern Warfare.

If anything changes with the planned update, we’ll let you know here at Daily Esports!

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